Ateks – distributor of Precision in Turkey and Middle East

Ateks – distributor of Precision in Turkey and Middle East

Having many years of specialization in tufting parts Precision continues to work with Ateks, an experienced name in the industry, in Turkey and Middle East distributorship for 6 years. These two brands which bring new products each passing day to the sector, continue their production together with their product quality and experience. The brand that has specialized especially on Single Hook, Module Hook, Duratex Tufting Knives, tufting needles, Sensitive Repair Guns, Module Dredger, Dredger and Tufting Accessories, presents the machinery, needle and platinum parts to its clients by having them produced in Switzerland, England and the U.S.A, where it represents.

Single Hook and Module Hooks

Precision branded high-speed steel, Tungsten and module hooks are being produced. Precision was the first Tip-Patch hook producer in U.S.A in 1977. The purpose of the brand, which has proven its quality by selling more than 10,000,000 pieces of parts is to provide the parts demanded by the clients who are interested in new and innovative products.

Duratex Tufting Knives

Knives in various thicknesses and angles which are being used in tufting production are being produced under the Precision brand, in high-tech facilities.

Sensitive Repair Guns

The Precision brand also produces repair guns to repair the defects occurring during the rug manufacturing in tufting machines. The brand is capable of producing various guns according to all pile sizes and also has the experience to provide repair guns for tufting rugs.

Module Dredger, Single Dredger

Precision, which produces single module and custom-designed dredgers that are used in tufting machines, contains its capability in its know-how to produce dredgers on-demand. We serve our customers with the first base, second base, felt and fujinback used in the tufting sector through Yangzhou Yarun Fabric which we represent.

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