BOYTEKS is in Domotex Hannover with its Magnerest, Sultan’s Elite and Chenille Carpet Collections

BOYTEKS is in Domotex Hannover with its Magnerest, Sultan’s Elite and Chenille Carpet Collections


Boyteks, innovative power of textile world, prepares to leave its footprints in world’s most prestigious carpet and floor coverings trade fair with ‘Magnarest Carpet’, which provides magnetic therapy effect.


The brand, which will host its visitors in 4th Hall in the trade fair held in Hannover, Germany between January 14-17, 2017, shall make a debut in the trade fair its brand new collections to be displayed for the very first time and included in the series for the year of 2017.

BOYTEKS, previously presented scented carpet with Fragrance concept and many R&D products such as products enhancing balance and concentration to the sector, aims to assist the regulation of blood circulation in feet and legs with the magnetic field effect of its latest product Magnerest.


Boyteks Carpet Sales and Marketing Manager Mr Nuri Körahmetoğlu stated that ‘working in a stationary work with almost to none movement involved, a body with less motion, stationary and motionless lifestyle, smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeinated drinks, irregular eating habits and malnutrition result in slowing down of the blood circulation in our body. Considering that human beings take an average of around 8,000 and 10,000 steps on a daily basis, it can be said that a person usually walks as much as 4 times all around the world throughout the entire lifetime. Magnerest Carpet, our most recent product, provides positive contribution to your feet and leg health. It helps people to rest and relax. Furthermore, provides wellness and comfort as a result of relaxation. Magnerest Carpet, thanks to its texture of a special formulation, creates a magnetic field on the carpet. This magnetic field penetrates the texture through magnetic waves and prevents the blood cells from sticking together by creating a repulsive force between the iron ions in the blood.’


Boyteks shall offer its various qualities to the visitors for the very first time in Domotex fair and is very assertive with Chenille, which is among the most popular collections recently. Boyteks Chenille collection, which consumers show great interest in terms of pattern, colour and outlook, shall be offered to visitors in 4 different concepts.


Mr Körahmetoğlu, making an evaluation regarding the new collections of Boyteks carpet, said that ‘colour restrictions have been removed by utilizing different design techniques in our Sultan’s Elite collection and therefore the harmony between impressive colours and design applications. Thus, handcrafted carpet is reflected with a contemporary spirit and therefore ensuring dances of colours through eyeful design. We believe that our collection shall make an overwhelming impression.


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