Cotton Box continues to grow with 40 years of experience

Cotton Box continues to grow with 40 years of experience

The brand’s 2020 goal is to provide authorized dealers and distributors in Western European countries.

Cotton Box, established in 2008 by Sümaş Tekstil, one of the well-established companies in the textile sector, continues to grow both in the domestic market and abroad. In the world of 1000 in Turkey over 200 locations in 35 countries located Cotton Boxer, will expand its network to promote Turkish textile exports in new markets. Saying that they are Scandinavian market, African continent and America in their targets, Nuri Turgut, Chairman of Cotton Box, gave information on many subjects from healthy raw material usage to collections.

First of all, can you give us information about your brand, production capacity and market share?

Our story, which started in the home textile sector as Sümaş Textile for more than 40 years, continues with the Cotton Box brand that we established in 2008. As one of the strongest players in the industry today, over 1,000 in Turkey, we continue to offer services with over 200 sales points in 35 countries in the world. 35% of our production exported by our own brand we represent Turkey successfully the home textiles industry in the global arena. In addition, we are growing with a focus on design and innovation and we continue to contribute to the national economy. We are among the top 3 brands in the domestic market professionally. We are among the top 5 brands on the basis of the final consumer.

Can you inform us about your new products and features of your collections?

We successfully represent Denizli home textile under the brand roof in the global arena with our quality production, natural raw material usage, unique designs and environmentalist approach. In the field of cotton home textiles for infants, young and adults; bed linen set, quilt-pillow group, towel-bathrobe group, bed cover and evening dresses group is available in a wide range of products. We renew the collection twice a year. In 2019, we added Alaturca, Nature, Garden and Marine series to our summer collection with the concept From Tradition to Future. In our winter collection, we introduced innovations such as Toprak, Denim and Folk Art to the sector. We develop designs to suit every decoration taste.

What are your goals of domestic and international stores?

Our 2020 target in the domestic market is to increase the number of our dealers by 10%. To make authorized sales and distributorship agreements in Western European countries which we have difficulty in reaching abroad. In the Balkans, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, Russian-speaking countries, Middle East and Gulf countries, where we are currently in the market with our own brand, we want to open retail stores with our own brand signage and make our brand awareness permanent. As Cotton Box, we are a brand marketing company. Within the framework I have briefly stated on our brand, we have investment and export target in the geographies I have specified. Our goal for 2023 is to open our own brand directly to the final consumer by opening direct stores both at home and abroad. Although we determine the number and locations of the process, we shape our business plans in line with this goal.

As a brand that addresses both the domestic market and abroad, what points do you pay attention to when addressing consumers in different cultures?

Even though the transition between the cultures has reached the highest level from the point of communication, a Scandinavian and Mediterranean culture and a Gulf countries culture and Russian culture have differences. By using motifs from these different cultures in our products and designs, we ensure that every consumer can find something of their own.

Where are the countries and regions to which you export?

We export to Balkans, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, Gulf and East Block countries with our own brand. Our target markets include the Scandinavian market, the African continent and America.

Your products are in direct contact with the human body. What do you pay attention to and what certificates do you have?

In all of our collections, we act with the awareness that temel healthy raw material inin is the basis of healthy sleep. We use only cotton yarn in our products. We produce in accordance with European standards and we use natural materials in the printing and dyeing stages in order to reach the consumers in the most natural way. We control the standards in our production with ISO 9001 and Eco Tex certificates.

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