“Dısney” Dream Is On The Walls!

“Dısney” Dream Is On The Walls!

disney“Disney” is on the walls with its legendary heroes; from Mickey Mouse to Cars, from Winnie the Pooh to Planes and Frozen!

Rasch Textil brand, offering a lot of alternatives in terms of wall paper, is reflecting the dream of every child to the walls, with its first wall paper collection “Disney Deco”, it has designed especially for baby and kid’s room by taking inspiration from all the children and naughty child in ourselves, a little bit. ‘’Disney Deco’’ collection, giving place to Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments such as decisive and brave Lightning McQueen to Winnie that is glutton and a kind-hearted bear, from Dusty whose only dream is being a successful acrobatics plane to Snow Queen Elsa and unforgettable heroes of “Cars”, “Winnie The Pooh”, “Planes” and “Frozen” that have trailed all the people from 7 to 70 by it one-century adventure ‘is taking your children to their own adventures… Wall paper collection “Disney Deco”, in which there are joyful combines with vivid colours from colour palette such as blue, pink and red and stripe and spotty ornament choices, is making children one step closer to their dreams. “Disney Deco” collection of Rasch Textil, as in the whole collections of Rasch Textil, does not contain any substance that can be harmful to human health and thanks to this feature, it offers choices, which can be used in baby and kid’s room mind at peace, to families.

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