Dolce Vita opens abroad

Dolce Vita opens abroad

Dolce Vita, which expanded its internal structure in 2019, opens abroad in 2020.

Dolce Vita Carpet, which opened 2 stores and introduced a brand in 2019, will now serve abroad. Dolce Vita Carpet Chairman Metin Taşkıran stated that they want to give country-based brand distributions in exports and gave information about their new structuring. Taşkıran said that they reached the new generation by using technology and got inspiration from them and drew attention to the importance of institutionalization.

Dolce Vita also opens to foreign markets after the domestic market. What points you to this idea?

Our luxury brand Massimo, which we added to our Dolce Vita brand, is in high demand especially in hotels and contract works abroad. In order to make this more sustainable, we take part in Domotex Hannover 2020 in Germany as a participant.

What are the innovations you intend to make at the point of export?

Unlike conventional subcontracting, we would like to offer country-based brand distributorships. We aim to provide direct services to architects, furniture and construction companies with custom carpets in our Massimo brand. In addition, we first consider opening stores or franchises in certain European cities.

What inspires you when making your collections?

We were inspired by young people while creating our collections. We know that the new generation follows current home fashion very well from social media and the internet. Therefore, we reflect the latest trends in customer-oriented color, pattern and yarn on the carpet with our own design team.

What were the results of your new brand and structuring in 2019?

In 2019, we had two different investments. First Massimo our brand to the fore in the luxury segment in Turkey. Domestic and abroad personalized design, the carpet has gone very fast. This movement became a solution partner of architects, luxury furniture and construction companies in Turkey. Our second investment was in retail stores. We have opened two new stores in order to reach our consumers directly and increase brand awareness. The first one is located on the main street of Karabağlar, İzmir and has a total area of 2,200 m2. Our second store continues its activities on Cemil Topuzlu Street in Kadıköy district of Istanbul.

If you need to evaluate the last years and 2020, what can you say for the carpet sector and your brand?

The last 2 years has been very challenging for the carpet sector in our country. As in every sector, we saw that the well-established firms in the carpet sector fell into very difficult situations. The most important problem of our sector is the fact that corporateism and branding are made amateurishly. In 2020, we will continue to concentrate more on dealer and personnel training and insist on the right product sale and single price.

What do you think is the most important thing in the definition of a carpet brand?

The most important thing is how you present the product to the end consumer. Here again, the issue is the sale of products at a single price, as in knowledgeable staff and shopping malls. We have been performing the carpet business that we have been in for 36 years. We will always do everything in our power to follow the trends in the world and contribute to our sector and country.

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