LCW Home aims 300 stores by 2023

LCW Home aims 300 stores by 2023

LCW Home Brand Group Manager Ummuhan San: ”Our goal is to offer a more global collection of trends accepted in all countries.”

LCW Home, which produces all of its production in the country and produces value-added products, aims for a peak position in its sector. Group Manager of the brand, of which products are currently sold in 140 stores in 23 countries, said that they would expand their collections in the coming periods and offer many different products in their stores. San also announced that they would only open stores under the name of LCW Home until the end of this year and gave information about the developments and targets in coming years.

As LCW Home, can you tell us about your recent works?

We have now operations in 140 locations in about 23 countries. We have 72 stores in Turkey and 68 stores abroad. We are increasing our number of stores every day. In 2023, our target is to reach a total of 300 stores in Turkey and abroad. We plan to open a few more stores before the end of 2019. But in these stores, only home textile products belonging to LCW Home brand will be sold.

We all know the fact that 2018 fiscal troubles affect purchasing power of the people. But despite this, we have achieved a growth without shrinking as a brand and even increased our turnover by up to 40%. We are pleased with this trend. The markets have started to enliven and we expect to return to normal performances in the coming months.

Well, you said in our previous interview that you would also make some changes to the product range. Could you please explain the final point of your product range and products that you are going to be featured?

We started this business mainly in the field of textile industry that we know. We expanded our product range by including bed, bathroom and floor coverings in our stores. Then these products have become our main products. In addition to this, our decorative and home cosmetics products are also highly preferred in the market.

We started to do different things in the carpet group. We make carpets with different sizes and features. Apart from printed products, we even began to talk about hand woven products. We are meeting with different brands for several projects related to this subject. We want to offer the products of these brands under their own names. In fact, our customers are now expecting a collection of many varieties. We strive to meet this expectation with our own production. At the point we cannot meet, we supply products by cooperating with other brands.

So, how are you doing in the field of exports?

We have a team interested in countries and studying the peculiarities of different cultures. For example, our employees who are either live in or out of Russia and who know the culture of that region give us the necessary feedback. If some of the products in our stores do not match the culture of that country, we do not send those products there. Sometimes, there are demands from customers of that country for different products. For example in Arab countries larger and wider mattresses are demanded. Our goal is to offer a worldwide collection of trends that are accepted and demanded in all countries.

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