Sanat Halı Hosts Dıstrıbutors In Istanbul

Sanat Halı Hosts Dıstrıbutors In Istanbul

Sanat_HaliiAs part of sales and promotion activities, Sanat Halı held its first regional meeting of its distributors in Istanbul.

Launched seven new collections in 2015, the company aims to reach higher targets. General manager Cihat Kilinboz says, “We are one of the top three in our category. With our new products we will get a rising path this year. We are known as Kartal Hali in the world. From now on we focus on only one brand, all products are to be sold under Sanat brand. We will add new sellers in our network starting from the one in Bursa.” “We will offer more collection, 12 in total this year”, says Selcuk Sayili, head of R&D and design team and adds, “They will be exhibited in Gaziantep fair in May, and the fair in September. We added new colors and patterns to existing lines. Lila, purple, yellow and green were popular colors in the past. We proliferate our patterns by using different basic colors in them, thus we have had a colorful collection. We also manipulated the yarns structures and they became softer and brighter.”

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