Seroni will offer innovations at Domotex Hannover

Seroni will offer innovations at Domotex Hannover

We talked about the position of decorative carpets in the sector and the goals of the company with Şevket Taşkın, the Board of Directors Chairman of Taşkın Halı, a leading company in the sector with 40 years of experience.

Would you tell us a little about yourself and your factory?

We have been operating as a producer since 1978. As of 2020 we have been producing at full speed in a facility with 7000 m2 indoor and 3000 m2 outdoor space and a new machine park of 3 million square meters annually. We have a showroom in the same building. We invite all our customers here on a daily basis and present all the trends we make to them. Our factory has all the necessary mechanical equipment and we supply the collections prepared our own professional designers with the expedient process flow of our ready-garment, packaging and dispatch warehouses.

Do you have plans for new investments? 

Production factories have to make new investments. Taşkın Halı has made it a habit to grow during crises since the day it was established. During this process the company takes basic steps first to maintain its existence then to fill the gaps in the market. The revisions made in production and marketing and our new investments support this. We will start operating our new industrial printing facility within 3 months. Our 3rd printing unit was commissioned as of the New Year.

What brand are you operating under? What is in your product range?

We have a brand called “SERONİ”. This brand has proven its quality both in the domestic and international markets.  We have a wide range of products that shiny, matt, exotic and shaggy style woven from quality polyester thread.  We do alternative productions in line with customer demand.

Could you tell us about your quality and customer satisfaction policy?

Many things could be said on this subject but to summarize, “Our customers are our translators”. We set out with the approach that “Production cannot be without quality” and we are still continuing on this path with the same approach. Our products cannot be compared in any way with the products made by under the counter producers.

Your company will be making an appearance at the DOMOTEX fair taking place in Hannover, Germany in January 2020. What will distinguish the products you are going to present to your customers from the rivals?

We do not see the producers in Turkey as rivals, they are colleagues in the sector. Our rivals are China, India, etc. Our distinction is of course our QUALITY. We are a company that has proven our quality both in the domestic and international markets. We never compromise on quality. In addition to this our modern line and our ability to respond quickly to customer requests and demands make out stand out. Plus the sustainable innovations we have brought to many of our product lines make us distinctive from other companies.

What do you think is the secret to success in this sector?

We see this secret as being trust and then design and innovation. In our present day design, color and technical features more than production make you good quality. Since our goal is always to produce better quality and achieve distinction, we have succeeded in becoming one of the world’s important companies in the upper segment non slip carpets and mats sector thanks to our product variety, design strength and fast moving R&D. This is a great source of pride.

Would you tell us about your Design and R&D Team?

The future of our sector will be shaped by the importance our sector places on R&D, innovation and design. Companies have to constantly create new and unique designs to keep up with the competition if they want to be included in international markets. Our R&D team not only does customer oriented designing but also develops country based products. The fact that some companies are copying our work shows we are advancing on the right path and this motivates us.

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