Villa Carpet, to start activities at new facility in 2017

Villa Carpet, to start activities at new facility in 2017

haliHaving been in operation for years in the hub of the carpet sector, the province of Gaziantep, Villa Carpet firm exports its productions of polisan polyester carpets and wall to wall carpets to markets abroad. We asked the brand’s foreign activities and targets for the future to Halat Culha, Director General of Villa Carpet.

Villa carpet stepped into operation life in 1993. Having exporthalatbey activities to many countries, the firm has connections predominantly with Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and the USA. The product range of the firm comprises polisan polyester and wall-to-wall carpets. Having set a policy directed towards market abroad in the sales of the products, the firm has not sales for the domestic market.

The reason of having not domestic sales of the firm stems from adopting 100 percent export policy. In this meaning, Halat Culha highlighted working with abroad had more advantageous.

Stating when they send product to customers could not take their receivable was one of the biggest problems of the sector, Culha said, “In this issue, the necessary regulations must be enacted by the government. The firm to which we sell the products does not possess cheque, bill and warranty. This damages the domestic producer. In Turkey, making measurements for these kinds of problems is quite important in terms of us in order to support production and exports, as well as extension. We hope the government would make beneficial works in this area in the upcoming period.”

Production capacity will be increased at the new facility Recording they had increased production capacity through expertized teams in their field, Culha continued, “The number of 25 trucks depart from our plant in a month. This accounts for 200.000 sq meters as the production capacity. The production of wall-to-wall is fulfilled at the two different facilities. Raising our current capacity more has been on the agenda at our new place that we have purchased in the 5th Organized Industrial Zone. We hope, we will be continuing at our new place late this year. We will also make machinery investment on an area of 20.000 sq meters.”

Targeting 10 trucks at the American market.This year, reinforcement is take place in the export targets of Villa Carpet brand for the American market. Currently sending 2 trucks to the American market, the brand aims to send up to 10 trucks this year. Telling they would raise 20 sq meters of delivery to 100 sq meters, Culha added they would also increase the deliveries to other markets and for this they had planned primarily increasing the capacity.

Stating they had supplied the raw materials from the domestic market, Culha noted they had plans to get the raw materials through imports.Lastly, Halat Culha said the carpet sector had advanced much more compared to previous time, adding technology had also share in that development. He concluded competition has increased regarding every firm being able to make the same product.

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