Your dreams are under your feet with Dekora

Your dreams are under your feet with Dekora

Instead of eight color threads, 16 million digital colors…

The reflection of the technology to the carpet sector certainly brought along the production of printed carpets. Both the transfer of the desired shapes in a decorative sense to the carpet in a short time and the fact that it is a cheaper product in terms of cost made it easier for the consumers with this style to turn to these products. The brand that manufactures this issue in Turkey Dekor, one of the most important carpets was a place in this industry with quality machines. Mahmut Sığındı, Member of the Board of Dekora Carpet who answered our questions on many issues from production to preference, underlined that digital printed products will reach the level of machine carpet in the following years.

First of all, could you listen to the arrival of Dekora Carpet?

When the digital printed carpet which is reflected in the digital world appeared, we founded Dekora Carpet in order to make a Turkish brand in this sector. Decora Carpet is the largest in Gazitantep and the leading digital printed carpet plant in Turkey. 70% of its production consists of exports. The remaining 30% of its production has become the brand chain in Turkey.

After deciding that the carpet is an important decoration product in the houses, we decided for the Dekora brand with the inspiration we received from the decoration. Today, people have started to define the carpets we produce as “decorative carpets. New generation carpet in the world; it has become a decoration product that completes our houses as decorative and adds elegance and gracefulness to the elegance of our houses with its colors. People are trying to ensure their harmony with their homes one by one, and we have given life to the carpet in this way we started with the decorative idea. We started to use 16 million digital colors instead of eight color yarns, which are also carpets. In this way, we laid everything that people dreamed under their feet.

Printed carpets have become very popular recently. How does this affect the carpet market?

Digital printed carpets are accepted by the new world order. Digitally printed carpets, primarily can be washed in the washing machines. This product, which is quick to wash, clean and dry, makes life easier. In addition, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, carcinogenic substances, does not harm human and natural health and dust stains, such as the properties of the product, are among the reasons why this product is preferred. However, it is the most preferred one that can be designed and colored according to every house. In addition to the advantages we have mentioned, there is a budget allocated to the carpet. The fact that the price of machine carpets remains high has also directed consumers to this carpet. Digitally printed carpet has made its share in the world carpet trade. This share cannot be underestimated. The predictions are that there will not be a home where the digital printed carpet does not enter the future.

What distinguishes you from other brands that produce in this sector?

While we have the best products, the most happy customer principles we have, the competitors have to be aware of. You wish that when you say carpet, Gaziantep comes to mind. This spirit that our city gives us makes our business the best. Our team of employees is experts in the carpet sector. The work of our design and imagination team, and the fact that our machines are the best and newest system, enable us to take the lead in production. The world of digital carpets is the life of carpets. In the sector, many companies suppress the quality because they produce goods according to the price. This makes us preferable.

What is the most important point in the production of printed products? What do you choose the machines and the printing materials used?

The most important point of digital printed carpets is the correct colors and vividness of colors. The more harmonious the colors and the more nature come to life, the more valuable your pattern is. Pattern can be watched for days on digital printed carpet. It’s like a painting. Of course, the more important they are, the more important the machines feature is. Our advanced system and Japanese brand machines produce quality products. When we make all these with experience, we succeed to be the best in class.

What inspires you when making your collections?

While preparing our collections, we start from the perceptions and tastes of the young generation. It is because the digital printing means imagination. We go beyond what young ideas dream. As Dekora Carpet, we say that we complete the decor in the homes of young people and those who feel young. With this in mind, while making a collection on the way we go out, we make a serious investment in our design department and see this as the center of the business. The most important feature of our collections is to shed light on the world of digital carpet.

Can you give us information about your export activities? How do you plan to work in this field in 2020 together with the regions and countries you export to?

70% of the sales capacity of our brand is export and we export to many countries from Middle East to Europe. The secret of this success is that understanding our customers and knowing exactly what they want and responding to their demands accordingly. You know that every society’s life, belief and culture are different. We are trying to present collections according to their preferences by assimilating and understanding these societies within us. The exponential increase in our sales has gained meaning with the trust of our customers. In 2020, we will be introducing our brand around the world by providing agreements with new customers besides existing ones.

What would you like to add?

In the globalizing world, technology and digitalization have attracted interest in the carpet sector. Now people like to see colored carpets in their homes. Stores and wholesalers are also very satisfied with the recent sales. I wish that in 2020, digital carpets will be laid in every house. As Dekora Carpet, we believe that the coming carpet trend will be digital colors and decorative decorations. In the near future, digital printed carpet sales will reach machine carpet level.

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