2 awards to Yaseminsoy Group

2 awards to Yaseminsoy Group

Yaseminsoy Group added two more awards to the previous awards in the last year.

Yaseminsoy Group, which has been producing carpets for many years, continues to develop itself in the production of digital carpets. Yaseminsoy Group Board Member Ali Volkan Nurlu, who stated that they produce stain-proof and waterproof products in digital printing carpets, said that they received the entrepreneur of the year and the best group company of the year awards in the last year.

First of all, how do you serve the carpet sector as Yaseminsoy Group??

Yaseminsoy Group is a group company that has been producing carpets for 30 years, operating in E-Export carpet sales and paper-cardboard sector. Currently, we have tufting carpet and digital cotton printing carpet production. We are among the companies that have a say in the American market. The most important feature of the digitally printed carpets we produce is that they are stain resistant and waterproof. We are one of the rare companies that can offer products with these features. When we set out, we always aimed to be innovative. In this, we were among the leading companies in most of the R&D studies.

How do you reveal your designs?

First of all, the subject that we always pay attention to with our team is to always make new and unique designs. For example, 15 years ago, we worked with the color engineers of a famous clothing brand. It was a work that influenced America and Europe.

What kind of demands are there for digitally printed carpets?

Currently, there is an incredible demand for digital printing carpets. Especially in export, digital carpets are more demanded instead of woven carpets. It is because these carpets have infinity of patterns and colors.

Can you mention your production facility and its features? How is your export work?

Currently, we have a production of 100 thousand square meters per month. We are trying to increase this rate every day. We attach importance to keeping our machine park always up-to-date and technologically new. We are currently exporting to America, South America, Russia and most of the European countries.

Finally, what would you like to add?

We won the second best E-Commerce site award at the “2000 solution awards” ceremony organized by Microsoft in 2000, and the “Carpet Oscar” award at the “2002 America’s Magnificent Carpet Awards” award ceremony in Atlanta in 2002. In this sense, we are the first Turkish company to receive the carpet Oscar. In addition, we received the entrepreneur of the year award at the “2022 brand beauty awards ceremony of the year” and the best group company of the year award at the “Golden Crown” award ceremony. Finally, we are among the companies that sell carpets with the help of AR technology as a Turkish company regarding our sales made over the internet.


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