A new investment of 7 million dollars from Plato Halı

A new investment of 7 million dollars from Plato Halı

With its new investment, Plato Halı has reduced its dependence on foreign sources by producing the carpet fabric that it and the manufacturers of non-slip carpet need.

The interest in digital and non-slip floor carpets continues to increase day by day. Plato Halı, started production in 2014 in this sector with its 35 years of experience, responds to these demands with its new investments. Firm partner İbrahim Oduncuoğlu stating that they have recently invested 7 million dollars both for their own production and for the production of fabrics that the sector needs said that the demand for these products has increased with the rapid change in tastes and preferences and the acceleration of E-Commerce.

Can you summarize the process from your establishment to today as Plato Halı?

Our firm started to produce non-slip carpets in Gaziantep 1st OIZ in 2014. Plato Halı is a brand that was established jointly by Erdal Elbir, İbrahim Oduncuoğlu and Mahmut Kiraz and emerged with 35 years of experience in the carpet sector. Our brand transferring these experiences to the production of non-slip floor carpets, later started fabric production and reduced its foreign dependency. Our firm, which carried out its activities in its current location between 2014-2017, continues to produce non-slip carpets in a total area of 20 thousand square meters, of which 15 thousand square meters is closed, in the Gaziantep 5th OIZ in 2017.

How much investment did you make for your new factory? What would you like to say about the investments you have made and the value that these investments will add to the sector?

At the beginning of 2020, as a result of R&D studies, it was concluded that fabric production, which is thought to save our company from foreign dependency in terms of raw materials, should be made within our factory. As a result, an investment of 7 million dollars has been made as of the second half of 2020. This investment provides relief not only for our company, but also for Gaziantep non-slip floor carpet manufacturers in terms of fabric supply and is of great importance in terms of production circulation.

How do you evaluate the intense demand for digital and non-slip floor carpets at the last period?

In today’s world, the demand for digital and non-slip floor carpets is increasing. The rapid change in tastes and preferences and the acceleration of E-Commerce greatly increased the demand for the product. However, the market is based not only on a single product, but also on a variety of products. We diversify our collections to meet these demands by revealing the product variety and quality. Thus, non-slip floor carpets, which bring a new breath to the carpet and textile sector, continue their popularity.

How do you interpret the position you have reached now with the goals you have set out as a brand?

Our primary goals are to respond to new consumer needs to bring quality products to consumers, to reveal our entrepreneurial spirit and to add value to our country as a producer. On this path we started in 2014, our company offers products to many companies and final consumers in Turkey and the world, with a staff of approximately 250 people and a production area of approximately 20 thousand square meters. As a result of the investment we made in 2021, we, as Plato Halı, continue production by producing the most important intermediate goods, which we use in the production of non-slip floor carpets, within our own structure, both exceeding this step, which is our target, and setting new targets.

What kind of technological infrastructure does the production facility have? What is the annual production volume of the facility?

As a result of the investment made, production started as of May 2021 and a monthly fabric production volume of around 350-400 tons has already been reached. Some of the fabric produced is sold as fabric, and some is used in the production of non-slip floor carpets in our own body.

What do you pay attention to in the design process? What are the consumer demands in general?

Design is an important process at the very beginning of this work. For a beautiful design, it is necessary to both determine the target audience and find the taste and needs of this target audience. Plato Halı, together with its design and R&D team, continues its innovation studies without slowing down in order to meet the demands in the domestic and foreign markets. In our collection work, we are trying to produce quality products that contain color and pattern harmony by modernizing the colors and concrete shapes that we frequently encounter in our daily lives. We are continuing to work with our team in order to meet the consumer demands on products with modern lines and high energy soft colors.

Where are you in the world at the point of export? What are the country markets you are targeting in the coming years?

We are s exporting our products to Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Switzerland in Europe, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait in the Middle East, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus in Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan in the Turkic Republics, Somalia and Tanzania in East Africa, Egypt, Libya, Algeria in North Africa, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary in the Balkans, and finally Canada, Russia and America. We are working hard to increase our cooperation with these countries and to serve the whole world and to introduce Plato Halı all over the world.

Finally, what would you like to add?

As per our vision we as Plato Halı, are in the position of a firm that always sets new goals for itself and progresses in line with these goals. As always, we work without compromising our quality and corporate identity. The goals we set made us both ambitious and excited. Thus, we know that we need to go one step further every day and act in sync with the developing and changing world. Plato Halı continues to produce both fabric and non-slip floor carpets in 2022 with its competitive price and quality. In addition, thanks to the investments we will make, we aim to be the only firm that comes to mind when it comes to service and quality, by increasing our current production capacity. As a result of these investments, it is our greatest desire to contribute to the economic development of our country by making new employment areas and increasing our export share to higher levels.


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