Atlas again is under the spot light in the panel called “Open Innovation: Opportunities, limits, different perspectives”!

Atlas again is under the spot light in the panel called “Open Innovation: Opportunities, limits, different perspectives”!

07Participating with its innovative product work “nano carpet”, which is the innovative achievement in the world, to the panel called “Open Innovation: Opportunities, limits, different perspectives” held by Gazi University Technology Transfer Office (Gazi TTO), Atlas Halı drew attention from the participants

Gazi TTO’s event called “Open Innovation: Opportunities, limits, different perspectives”, which combines all the conducted events of different units under the scope of Gazi University’s technology transfer and university-industry cooperation, took place in Ankara.


General Director of Atlas Halı, Dr. Meriç Bebitoğlu, in his speech at the panel stated that in the carpeting sector whose history dates back to 2 thousand 300 years and therefore is one of the most traditional areas of today, they started as Atlas Halı for creating an “innovative” approach and making a difference; innovative approach became company cultures; this approach and vision took them to a world-wide invention. Saying that in a period when information spreads out, shared and used very quickly, they made a structure available for outside access by changing innovation from being only a process dependent of its own sources, Bebitoğlu added that they feel proud making this world-wide innovation through open invention.


Meriç Bebitoğlu, stating that they worked day and night and made lots of trials in this project they started with Innov’coat and Turkish engineers’ labor and they used thousands of square meters of carpet, said: “We produced the self-cleaning nano carpet conforming to the EU standards for the first time in the world by using completely natural mineral and made it accessible and very close to the cost of a regular carpet. In the near future we will be announcing the new innovative products and innovative projects we work on. Courage works well with intellect and every dream can be made true. As long as you follow it and keep working till you achieve your goal, never give up”.


Organized by Gazi TTO, which continues its operations integrated with the university-industry culture support structures of Gazi University coming from the past, and whose opening speeches were given by Gazi University Rector Prof.Dr. Süleyman Büyükberber, TÜBİTAK Vice President Prof. Dr. Abdullah Çavuş and TTO Director Prof. Dr. H. Mehmet Şahin, the panel apart from Atlas Halı was attended by Tusaş, Özyeğin University, Koç Holding and KOÇ University, Intel, Tofaş, Netaş, Gebze Advanced Technology University, CRWORLD Inc. senior managers. The series of panels, which are participated by the academics of most important universities of the world such as George Mason University, University of Illinois and University of Chicago as a main theme, was held in 31 October – 1 November 2014.

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