Carpet designers elected their chairman

Carpet designers elected their chairman

Carpet Design Association HATAD made first ordinary general assembly on 27 of March. The chairman of HATAD became Selçuk Sayılı.

Capital of carpet Gaziantep is candidate to be capital of design. The association founded in 2020 led by GAIB and called HATAD (Carpet Design Association) made first general assembly. The names in the assembly will move their studies to the international field. HATAD Board Chairman Selçuk Sayılı gave information about the studies to be done and association stated that they will organize contests and conferences together with the trainees who are being trained in relevant departments of various countries. Selçuk Sayılı became chairman of association and his vice chairman became Levent Çepken. The other board members are H. Erhan Karaman, Yeter Korkmaz, Özgür Uşaklıgil, Tayfun Cevher, Ömer Türk, Pervin Sayar, Selçuk Bekler, Osman Köseler, Naime Yüksel Çalık, Abuzer Balyemez and Ayşe Kayalar.

The designers will have certificate

Sayılı stated that there are many designers in Gaziantep said “The government accepts those who graduated from universities as designer. Although the number of the designers who graduated from universities increased, now the special designers are much more. The government wants them to have certificate, showing they are designers, taken from an official center. For that the brands benefit from this, HATAD (Carpet Design Association) was founded in Gaziantep Şehitkamil Art Center.”.

Sayılı stated that they met with the designers in GAİB center on 27 March, Saturday said “Here we elected the chairman and board members together. Friends deemed us suitable of chairmanship. Şehitkamil Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu gave us 2 classes and workshop in Şehitkamil Art Center which has opportunities such as exhibit and conference halls. We want to move the activities such as culture, art and others to the international level. We are trying to bring the students from relevant departments of universities in various countries to attend those activities. Because of pandemic in the last 6 months, those activities have been failed but we are sure that we will get result from the studies we did in the next time. We thought that there must be a place that our local designers will spend time and bring their visitors. We selected Steps Kafe which is in the entry of Art Center and wanted it to be place which will bring in money to our association and where our designers will spend their time.”

The designers will have open mind

Selçuk Sayılı mentioned the aim of the association’s foundation said “Here our main aim is to make designers to have an open mind and increase their self-confidence. We will try to support the designers here so that they can fully demonstrate their true performance and abilities. In this way, I am hopeful that Gaziantep, the capital of the carpet, will lead the sector in the future, make new creations and perhaps determine trends.”

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