Cotton, wool, linen and LEN

Cotton, wool, linen and LEN

Established as a family brand in L’viv, Ukraine, LEN designs with a boutique production approach using only natural products. Oksana Zachkevych, telling about the brand and the designs her and her husband established when their children were younger, underlines that naturalness is the most important point for them. We listen to Oksana’s sincere interview to answer our questions about how her design life started and what they want to do.

When and how did design come into your life?

Reflections on her own business and design carpets began a long time ago, while still studying at the L’viv Academy of Arts (L’viv, Ukraine). For many years, the artist Oksana has been improving her style and technique. One day after dinner, the Zachkevych family decided to start a new phase and create a family textile business. One of the most striking facts was that each of the teams had an art education. Oksana and Oles is a couple: the wife and husband. And Ulyana is their youngest daughter.  Oksana is a weaver by education, and author of carpets, and a co-founder. Oles also a weaver, he helps with the development of new collections and is a co-founder. Ulyana youngest daughter is a product designer (develops her own business, creates a collection design), but manages to be an art detector of the brand and create photoshoots. Each of the team members is involved and have their responsibilities, this greatly develops and expands the perception of each of the artists.

What do you mean carpet for you?

Every carpet is a part of soul for the family Zachkevych. The carpets are woven by hand by Oksana on a loom exclusively from living materials: cotton, wool, flax. You will not find here the same patterns repeated as each of them is authentic and handmade.

What is indispensable for you when making a design?

To create a new carpets for us need the inspiration of nature and supporting of family. Because every our print is unique

Do you have anything to add?

“Len” is about a hundred hours of work, woven with loving female hands.

“Len” is an opportunity to touch ancient traditions, to hear the energy of the author’s hands.

“Len” a warmth that will fill your home and give you comfort.

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