Deco Rugs & Carpet Investments Continue

Deco Rugs & Carpet Investments Continue

indexxDedicated to high capacity production, the foundations of Deco Rugs&Carpet factory were laid on an open area of 112.500 square meters, and covered area of 65.000 square meters, where production commenced the second half of 2011.

After becoming the main supplier of major domestic furniture brands in just a short period of time, Deco Rugs&Carpet succeeded in becoming the preferred choice of major foreign furniture brands, as well. The company has Nuri Körahmetoğlu Deco Rugs&Carpet Sales and Marketing Manager increased production capacity by 100% in its first year. Their goal is prominent: to become the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Deco Rugs&Carpet, operating within Boydak Holding, with its ever-growing capacity, trend-setter designs and innovations is well on its way to having a say in the carpet industry worldwide. Deco Rugs&Carpet utilizes the latest technology production facilities and equipment to manufacture acrylic, woolen and polypropylenecarpeting, as well as shaggy carpeting of varying qualities, all of which conform to strict international quality standards. Deco Rugs&Carpet expert inhouse team of designers offer unique designs with each collection.

Deco Rugs&Carpet Sales And Marketing Manager Mr. Nuri Körahmetoğlu commented that “Deco Rugs&Carpet is committed to bringing quality, elaborately decorative designs and innovative products to this industry. Innovation and design are key elements in surviving through formidable global competition and making it to the forefront of the industry. Whether it be production or export or industry, innovation is the means to creating added value. It is design and innovation that differentiates us from the rest, and brings us to the forefront.

Mr. Körahmetoğlu explains the 5 new innovative products introduced by Deco Rugs&Carpet to the carpet industry as follows; “An expert R&D team differentiates Deco Rugs&Carpet by effectively utilizing the latest technology available in this industry, not just in Turkey but in the world, at Deco Rugs&Carpet facilities. For example; unlike previous products developed to treat odors, Triple Fresh is a sure solution for refreshing the ambient air by actually diffusing unwanted odors rather than masking or confining them.

Triple Fresh acts as a catalyst that speeds up the natural rate of diffusion for improved air. On the other hand, another innovative product is our Amethyst carpet, which boosts the immune system thanks to its inherent energy, transforms the body’s negative energy to positive energy, and helps protect against the negative effects of electronic devices.

The Probiotic Carpet Application is a completely new technology brought to this industry by us. After being applied on the carpet, Probiotic-based materials multiply easily subsiding on available nourishment in their environment, thus increasing the amount of probiotics in the environment. Probiotics work to remove hazardous bacteria. Another available application is Stressfree. Static energy build up on our bodies is a part of life and occurs involuntarily with daily activities like getting dressed, walking and sleeping. Stressfree is an anti-static application that helps reduce stress and relieves the body of built up static electricity, thanks to a new technological development.

On the other hand, Oxygen Plus relies on negative ion technology to increase the amount of oxygen in the environment. In case of an abundance of positive ions, complaints such as fatigue, headache, irritability, hypersensitivity, respiratory problems, etc. become commonplace.

Oxygen Plus helps increase the concentration of oxygen available in the air we breathe.”

Each passing day, new technological developments offer ever easier solutions and innovations for aiding daily living. Yet, their adverse effects cannot be overlooked. Human life is valuable and must be guarded against these threats.

Since we can’t do without technology or accept its adverse effects, then we must take guard to protect the quality of all areas of life.

The most effective and natural protection against the adverse effects of daily life is one of the most precious stones known throughout history, Ametist… Along with its sparkling charm, the energy given off by the amethyst is one of the most effective and natural materials in the world known to protect man against all the negative elements of daily life… The Miracle from Nature… Thanks to Deco Carpet, the amethyst miracle of nature is now available in By transforming the negative energy in its surroundings to positive energy, Ametist helps provide a refreshing atmosphere through negative ions promulgated into the atmosphere. carpeting, ready to improve the quality of life.

Ametist carpet developed by Deco Carpet’s innovation team was inspired by the miraculous properties of the amethyst, which helps relieve stress with its pacifying effect on the nervous system, while simultaneously having a vitalizing effect on its surroundings. By transforming the negative energy in its surroundings to positive energy, Ametist helps provide a refreshing atmosphere through negative ions promulgated into the atmosphere.

Ametist helps rid the body of built up negative energy, helping to improve brain function and ward off mental fatigue that is the result of overwork and stress. Plus, it all happens with the natural miraculous features of amethyst without the use of any chemicals. Introduce this miracle to your living spaces with Deco Carpet…sometimes it may be up to 100 times dirtier. And the disparity is not just because of cigarette smoke. On average, over 2000 living and non-living substances such as cigarette smoke, virus, bacteria, mite and dust are found in indoor air. Besides all these, household items like furniture, computers, battery chargers, air-conditioners, cosmetic-products and cleaning materials emit hazardous gases and odors into the air we breathe, threatening our health. Deco Carpet calls its solution against these threats, “Triple Fresh”. Fresh air for better living…

The carpeting industry’s innovative brand, Deco carpet is just as interested in the quality of the air we breathe in our living areas as it is about its floors. Innovations introduced by Deco clean and improve the quality of the air we breathe in by breaking down and neutralizing the harmful gases and unpleasant odors in the air. Triple Fresh’s specially formulated metal complex acts as a catalyst to decompose odorous hazardous gases like formaldehyde*, ammonia  and nicotine and transforms them into respiratory waste.

Unlike previous products developed to treat odors, Triple Fresh is a sure solution for refreshing the ambient air by actually diffusing unwanted odors rather than masking or confining them. Triple Fresh acts as a catalyst that speeds up the natural rate of diffusion for improved air.

Along with many conveniences, modern life brings with it many health problems as well.

Stress and depression are amongst the most common health issues of modern life. In addition, static energy accumulates involuntarily with daily activities like getting dressed, walking and sleeping. Built up static electricity can lead to further stress and fatigue in daily life. It’s important to relieve our bodies of built up static electricity to live stress free.

Lead a stressless and happy life with Stressfree… Stress relief was the guiding principle that led Deco Carpet to develop and introduce Stressfree Carpet to the carpeting industry.

Stressfree carpet has an anti-stress and anti-static feature that helps reduce stress by minimizing negative energy and static electricity build up. By clearing up the negative effects of stress from user’s mind and body,

Stressfree Carpet is an everyday invitation to therapy.

that are actually good for us. They help protect our bodies against pathogenic bacteria that cause diseases.

The friendly bacteria provide natural protection, and aren’t considered to be pathogenic or toxic for human, animal or plant health. Probiotic bacteria are amongst these harmless organisms. Probiotic bacteria feed off of the nourishment sources available in their surroundings to multiply, and over time manage to take over the domain of harmful bacteria, thereby stabilizing the rate of growth of unwanted microorganisms and actually helping to maintain the natural balance of life. As a result, probiotic products used in a wide range of products, especially in food stuffs, work as natural prevention against the growth and breeding of harmful bacteria.

Of all our living spaces, carpeting is the one place that harmful bacteria Although most bacteria are known to cause diseases, they aren’t always the hazardous creatures we make them out to be. Alongside the harmful ones, there are also plenty of helpful bacteria multiply the easiest. Carpeting that is for the most part ideal environments for amassing dirt and dust provide ideal environments for dust and dirt loving bacteria and house mites. Deco Carpet set out to develop probiotic technology for use in carpeting, as an all-natural and effective protection against the risk to human health abound in carpeting. Discover how

Deco Carpet does it. Probiotic bacteria applied on carpeting through specially developed methods at Deco Carpet’s latest technology equipped facilities, multiply by feeding off of the food sources available in their surroundings, and over time, take over the domain and food sources of hazardous bacteria. Having lost their sources of food and living areas, hazardous bacteria, eventually move away. Deco Carpet was the first to introduce this revolution in carpeting.

Waterfalls, forrests and mountains… Do you ever wonder why we feel our best in these places? The water from waterfalls, the waves of the oceans, lightning, rain, photosynthesis of the plants, events, storms and wind; all naturally trigger are all natural events that trigger negative ion formation in the atmosphere and improve air quality. Negative ions adhere to harmful particles flowing in the air like bacteria, viruses, allergens, mould, fungi, odors, smoke, pollution, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide; weighing them down and forcing them to settle down on the ground, resulting in cleaner air. Deco Carpet, inspired by nature; introduces the miracle of negative ions to carpeting. This new Oxygen Plus technology, wafts nature’s impeccable freshness all over the home for improved air quality.

The air we breathe contains ions, in other words, molecules with both positive and negative electric charge. Harmful particles such as air-pollutant bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, fungi, odors, smoke, pollution, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide in the air are positively charged.

The negative charged ions attract and adhere to these harmful particles, forming a greater mass. Weighed down by their mass, the collection of harmful particles makes it impossible for them to stay in the air, forcing them to fall to the ground, thereby separated from the air we breathe.

These particles are absorbed and ionized by negative ions, resulting in cleaner air. Oxygen Plus produced by Deco Carpet is the end product inspired by nature’s miraculous negative ion feature.

What kind of products does Boyteks Hali manufacture? Could you please tell us about your latest products you offer to the market? We are manufacturing innovative products.

In this sense, we manufactured the first scented carpet in the world. This carpet, of which we possess patent, gives off odor when you step on it. Our having a textile background helps us to manufacture such products because we had already manufactured such products in textile fabrics.

We are slowly applying these nearly 100 innovative products in textile group to carpet sector with Deco. A stress-free and happy life; Stress Free Modern life brings about some health problems, along with many conveniences that it provides to the people. Stress and depression, two of the most common diseases of modern era, are the primary ones… In addition; static electricity accumulates on human body in daily life when putting clothes on, walking, sitting and sleeping. Thus; these factors cause stress, tension and exhaustion. To discharge static electricity from the body, the people need to get discharged by some methods such as; stepping on earth with bare feet.

Nevertheless; unfortunately, nobody is able to find the opportunity to do this within the rush of daily life. Deco, based on this fact, designs Stress-free carpet and presents it to the world of carpet.

Deco helps stress, negative energy and static electricity decrease thanks to anti-stress and anti-static effect which it provides with Stress-free. Stress-free simply invites the users to a therapy with its technology, which cleans the mind and body from negative effects of stress. Thus; for a stress-free and happy life, Stress-free. Miracle from nature; Amethyst Technology brings countless convenience and innovation to human life day by day. Nevertheless; threats and negativities, brought to our lives by technology, are not less as well. Human life is so valuable that these threats cannot be ignored. Then if we cannot give up on technology and accept negativities of it, what we have to do is to protect life quality in all aspects of life. Thus; to take precautions!

One of the most effective and natural precautions to be taken against negativities of technology is Amethyst, which is recognized as one of the oldest precious stones of the history. Amethyst stone is the most effective and natural material in the world for protecting the people against all negative effects, caused by technology in daily life, thanks to its energy, that it spreads, and beauty. Antibacterial out, Probiotic in!

We have manufactured probiotic carpets. Antibacterial carpets have become unfashionable. Now we can say: “Antibakteriyel out, probiotic in!” Humans need bacteria by nature. If you kill all the bacteria, humans get ill.

For that reason, we need bacteria. The specification of this carpet is that it kills the harmful bacteria to stop its reproduction while helping the reproduction of useful bacteria.

If the problem is bacteria, then the solution is bacteria! Although many bacteria cause diseases, they are not harmful creatures always, as they are considered to be. Many bacteria species, which live in our body at peace with us, are available other than the harmful ones.

These help protecting us from infections by fighting against pathogen bacteria, which cause diseases, as a part of our immune system. Helpful bacteria, which do not have the structure that can cause a disease, are not considered pathogen or toxic for humans, animals or plants as they lead a natural protection. Probiotics are available in these harmless organisms.

Specific amount of probiotic microorganisms is available in a healthy human body. These bacteria can be found abundantly in intestines of babies, who are fed with breast-milk. Probiotic bacteria control the reproduction speed of undesired microorganisms and help natural life balance by producing anti-microbial matters.

Thus; increasing probiotic power means increasing immunity. As a result; probiotic products, used in many fields, primarily in food, eliminate growing and reproducing opportunities of harmful bacteria thanks to its natural content. Perfect Cleanness, Perfect Relief; Triple Fresh Air is the most important element that gives us life. We breathe it to live. We do this for 23.000 times in average in closed and open areas. The air’s being clean and quality one brings with it a healthy life. So, how can we be sure of the cleanness of the air we breathe in open and closed areas? If the air in open areas is dirty, the air in closed areas is 2-5 times dirtier. Sometimes this rate can go up to 100 times. The reason of this is not only smoking.

There are smoke, viruses, bacteria, mite and dust and around 2000 other living organisms in the air of a closed area. Besides these the furniture, carpet, computer, charging units, air conditioner, cosmetics and cleaning materials send toxic gases and smells to the air we breathe and pose a threat for our health. This situation is exactly what inspired Deco Carpet to develop Triple Fresh. Export to Mauritius Island Vice General Manager of Boyteks İhsan Önder Honi, gave information about the company’s export status. You are exporting with Deco Halı. Which countries do you export?

We are exporting to 90 countries in a year. And we have experience about exportation. At the same time, we are exporting to all over the world. For example; we sell both fabrics and carpets to China.

We also export our carpets to Mauritius Island. Japan, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Iceland, Malta, Peru, Dominican Republic and Tobago are among the countries we export.

Geleneksel olarak dokuma yöntemiyle ve günümüzde ise dokunarak ya da tafting (düz zemin kumaşına ipliklerin dikilmesi) yoluyla üretilen havlı tekstil yüzeyleri olarak tanımlanan halının sektörel önemi dünya ticaretinde de kayda değer ürün gruplarından birini oluşturması sonucunu doğurmuştur. Dünyada halı ticareti, el halısı ve makine halısı olmak üzere, üretim teknikleri, yatırım eğilimleri, maliyetleri, tüketici profilleri, kullanılış amaçları, pazar yapıları ve sermaye yoğunlukları oldukça farklı olan iki ana grupta incelenmektedir. El halısı, emek-yoğun ve tarihsel-kültürel miras yoluyla gelişen motiflere dayalı bir üretim yapısı sergilerken; makine halısı, sermaye- yoğun ve teknik tekstil kategorisinde ele alınabilecek bir üretim yapısına sahiptir. Kalın bir zemin üzerine bağlanan hav1 sonucunda üretilen makine halısının el halısından farkı, ilmeklerinin çözgü yönünde hav özgülerinden oluşmasıdır. El halısında ayrı bir iplik ile çözgü üzerine düğüm atılırken, makine halısında hav yüzeyi hav çözgüsünün atkılarla U biçiminde bağlantı yapmasıyla oluşmaktadır.


Ekonomide meydana gelen gelişmelerin ve ekonomik politikaların, kısa dönemli olumlu veya olumsuz etkilerinin ölçülebilmesi için “Aylık Sanayi Üretim Endeksi” Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu tarafından iki ay geriden yayımlanmaktadır. Sektörün sanayi üretim endeksi (2005=100) yıllık ortalaması incelendiğinde 2005 senesinden itibaren yaşanan artışın 2008 ve 2009 yıllarında yaşanan küresel kriz nedeniyle bir miktar gerilediği görülmektedir. Ancak kriz sonrası yaşanan toparlanma hızlı bir şekilde sağlanmış olup, kriz öncesi seviyelerin bir hayli üzerine çıkıldığı gözlemlenmektedir. Aylık sanayi üretim endeksi sektörün yıl içindeki seyrini göstermesi açısından izlenmesi gereken önemli göstergelerden bir tanesidir.Üretim endeksi küresel krizin reel sektör üzerindeki etkisinin en fazla görüldüğü 2009 yılının Ocak ayında en düşük düzeye gerilemiştir. Bu tarihten sonra sanayi üretim endeksi yukarı doğru dalgalı bir seyir izlemiştir. Sektörün aylık üretim endeksi 2010 yılı Şubat ayından itibaren Toplam Sanayi Üretim Endeksinin üzerinde bir seyir izlemiştir. ÜLKEMİZİN MAKİNE HALISI PROFİLİ Makine halısı, sermaye yoğun bir sektör olması ve teknik tekstillerle paralel yönde gelişmesi sebebiyle üzerinde önemle durulması gereken bir sektör olarak değerlendirilmektedir: Türkiye’deki toplam halı pazarının 60 milyon $ olduğu ve halı pazarının yaklaşık %90’lık bölümünü makine halısının oluşturduğu bilinmektedir. TOBB kayıtlarına göre, makine halısı sektöründeki kapasitenin 200 milyon m2’nin üzerinde olduğu görülmektedir. Ülkemizin makine halısı üretiminin büyük çoğunluğu Gaziantep’te yerleşik olan firmalarca yerine getirilmektedir. Makine halısı üreticiliğinin yoğun olduğu diğer illerimiz ise Kayseri ve İstanbul olarak belirtilebilir. Dünyada en fazla makine halısı ABD’de üretilmektedir. Belçika halı üretiminde ABD’den sonra ikinci sırada yer alırken dünya makine halısı ihracatında ilk sırada gelmektedir. Asya’da ise Çin, Pakistan ve Hindistan makine halısı üretiminde önde gelen ülkelerdir.


İhracat Makine halısı ihracatımız uzun yıllardan beri artış gösteren sektörlerimiz arasında yer almaktadır. Aşağıdaki tablonun incelenmesinden görüleceği üzere, söz konusu dönemlerde makine halısı ihracatımız artış göstermiş, sadece 2009 yılında küresel krizin etkisiyle ihracatımız değer bazında %6,4 oranında azalış göstermiştir. Ancak bu dönemde bile ihracatımız miktar bazında %4,6 oranında artış göstermiştir. 2010 yılında ise, makine halısı ihracatımız 2009 yılına göre %17,5 artarak 1,12 milyar dolar düzeyine çıkmıştır.

TÜİK verilerine göre, 2011 yılı makine halısı ihracatımız, geçen senenin aynı dönemine göre %27,3 oranında artarak 1,43 milyar dolar düzeyine yükselmiştir. Öte yandan, makine halısı ihraç birim fiyatlarını incelediğimizde, birim fiyatın 2005 yılında 2,73 dolar/kg iken, 2011 yılında bu rakam 3,49 dolar/kg’a yükselmiştir. Ürünler itibariyle makine halısı ihracatımız değerlendirildiğinde ise; en önemli ihraç ürün grubunun 5702

GTİP kodlu “dokuma makine halıları” ve 5703 GTİP kodlu “tüfte edilmiş halılar” olduğu gözlemlenmektedir. Bu ürün gruplarında toplam makine halısı ihracatımızın sırasıyla %86’sı ve %9,4’ü gerçekleştirilmektedir. Makine halısı ihracatımızda en önemli pazarımız 244 milyon dolarlık ihracat tutarı ve %17,2’lik pay ile Suudi Arabistan’dır.

Makine halısı ihracatımızda ilk 10 ülkenin toplam payı %58 dolayındadır. Makine halısı ithalatımız dalgalı bir seyir izlemekte olup, söz konusu üründe ithalatımız ciddi bir yekûn teşkil etmemektedir. Öyle ki, makine halısında ihracatın ithalatı karşılama oranı 2011 yılı itibariyle %1868 seviyesinde olup, söz konusu sektörde 1 milyar doların üzerinde net dış ticaret fazlası verilmektedir. 2011 yılında makine halısı ithalatımız bir önceki seneye göre %19 civarında artış göstererek 79 milyon dolar düzeyine yükselmiştir. (15,1) ve Çin (14,6) gelmekte olup, bu üç ülke makine halısı ithalatımızın yaklaşık %50’sini teşkil etmektedir. Ürün bazında incelendiğinde ise, en fazla ithalat yaptığımız ürün grupları ise, 5703

GTİP numaralı “tufte edilmiş halılar” (%60,4) ve 5702 GTİP numaralı “dokuma makine halıları” (%25,5) olarak sıralanmaktadır.

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