Decoration styled brand

Decoration styled brand

İbrahim Güler Design Studio, a 4-month-old brand, will be the new address of those with different concepts and styles. 

İbrahim Güler Design Studio welcomes you with a concept out of the ordinary design offices. When you enter the store, first a cafe, then refrigerators, sculptures and many different products you have not seen before… İbrahim Güler says that they offer personalized furniture, accessories from world brands, paintings by valuable painters and specially designed products with signatures in his new “studio”. Every place has a different detail and a different concept. Güler, saying that they will exhibit 4-5 different world-famous home accessories and object brands that are not in Turkey in a short time, stated that they will serve those who want classical or different style architecture and interior design services with their experienced team of architects.

First of all, who is İbrahim Güler?

I was born in 1981 in Istanbul. I spent my childhood years in the Grand Bazaar and Bakırköy, as my father worked in the jewelry, watch and eyewear industry for many years. I can say that I had my first commercial experience in my father’s profession. After graduating from Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture, I started my career at Nora Yapı as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. We have signed many projects, especially the Paladium AVM and residence project, and we will continue. I launched İbrahim Güler Design Studio in 2021 with the aim of bringing the design products of world-famous brands to the consumers and to make different architectural works.

What is the difference of İbrahim Güler Design Studio from its peers?

Here is a versatile concept that is not available in our country. We are working with a team of architects who have experience in many different areas such as residences, hotels, offices, shops and cafes. We are producing all our furniture in our own workshop except for the objects in our store. We are bringing Turkey together with the design products of world-famous brands. In our store, we are exhibiting products of famous decoration brands such as Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni Home, Pip Studio, Lladro, Baci Milano, MacKenzie Childs, Versace, Lamart, Chiara Alessi, Smeg, A. Anglada, Tom, Madder Rugs, Nobilis, Rivadossi, and Fabricut. We also have products that you can only see in İbrahim Güler Design Studio in Turkey. For example, the ‘Smeg X Dolce Gabbana Retro’ refrigerator, which is produced in cooperation with Smeg and fashion giant Dolce&Gabbana, is one of them. It is also possible to find specially designed products signed by valuable painters in our store.

What kind of services can your customers get from you?

İbrahim Güler Design Studio is a concept store producing architectural and interior design projects with its experienced architect staff, and also providing personalized design services with interior decoration products such as textiles, carpets and accessories, and furniture applications. We are offering our customers a personalized concept project experience, from the kitchen utensils used in the interior to every detail, with the architectural and decoration service that we specially designed.

What are the points you pay attention to in the products you use?

When choosing the brands and products in our store, we pay attention to the special pieces that are not found everywhere. Our preference is always for design products. Another factor of choice is quality. We do not display any product in our store that we do not trust in quality. In our store, we include many domestic and foreign works of art, the prices of which range from 5,000 TL to 250,000 TL. Among these works, there are nearly 50 works of valuable artists such as Devrim Erbil, Sema Tahincioğlu and Cenk Yüksel. In addition to these, we are also selling antiques and jewels.

Can you mention your projects and their features?

With a concept that has never been done before, we are serving with a place on Bağdat Street where patisserie, furniture, accessories and interior design services are offered under one roof, and where we will also host various events and exhibitions. We have a store where everyone can stop by and find suitable products, from our customers who only want interior design services, to our guests who are looking for a different and original object, to those who want to read a book and have a nice coffee, to those who want to discover very valuable works of art. In addition, our guests visiting our store can see our architectural showrooms such as the sample hotel room, lobby and hall. While these sample showrooms allow us to see how we use different products and designs together, we can say that they are only a small part of what we can do.

We are only a 3-month-old brand, but we have made a very good start and we are continuing our negotiations for new projects. In the upcoming period, we have luxury villa projects, Güney hotel and office/residence projects whose negotiations are ongoing. We are also in agreement with 4-5 different world-famous home accessories and object brands that are not yet in the Turkish market. In addition, we continue to work on adding the world-famous Swiss chocolate brand to our body.


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