Dolce Vita to be pioneer franchising carpet brand

Dolce Vita to be pioneer franchising carpet brand

Dolce Vita Halı welcomes potential investors with the slogan, ‘choose your style’.

Founded by Mehmet Taşkıran in 1980, and trademarked as ‘Dolce Vita Halı’ in 2009, the brand is to be pioneering carpet franchising brand in Turkey. Introducing a launch to promote franchising in Antalya, Metin Taşkıran, the chairman said they were a family dealing with carpet business for 40 years, adding that they aimed to grant 20 franchise stores in Turkey in 2021. Taşkıran stated that their slogan was “Choose your style”, emphasizing that everyone had a reason to choose Dolce Vita.

How would you comment on your being the first franchising brand at the sector?

Presently, we nearly have 200 stores and 4 more of our own.  Dolce Vita Halı is the brand that took the pioneering step regarding franchising at our sector. Actually, there have been attempts before; however, none of them had managed to operate control and price stability efficiently. Our system requires the fact that all the stores will be supervised by us and their staff will go through training procedures to be organized by us. There will be fixed prices both on the Internet and in stores. People will have the opportunity to have access to carpets at the same price, regardless of where they buy, either from Dolce Vita stores or through online. That’s how we will ensure stability. Since we are planning to surge into branding, investments will pay back swiftly, which we deeply believe will be sustainable. After assigning 1 dealership in a city, we will be quite demanding to grant the second one. Therefore, the first one who would like to go with us wins.

You held your first international fair with Domotex Hannover in 2020. How was the comeback in terms of your export?

We participated in the Domotex Hannover for the first time in January 2020, thanks to the effort of our export unit. Currently, we export to about 20 countries, from Peru to Indonesia, mainly to France. The average export price in carpet industry of Turkey is around 6 $ psm. However, It is around 30-35 $ with us; we sell value added products. Additionally, we are to open a store in Dusseldorf, Germany. We had already completed the procedures long ago. In addition to serving as retailer there, we are also planning to serve as a wholesaler on e-trade platform. We have been working on a corporate reorganization in Europe. The HQ will be based in Germany but overall organization will be in Turkey.

What’s your present objective on your business journey?

I am a member of a family who has been dealing with carpet business for 40 years. We are a brand founded in 2009. Our objective is to offer all the trends in the world to Turkish people in the fastest way possible. For that reason, we have 90% of our production implemented in Turkey. We also have production in India, Egypt and some others. There is a franchising system that is sort of a ‘must’ in the world. We trained all our dealers in Antalya how a franchising store should be. We aim to have 20 shops in 2021 and 200 by 2030 domestically.

What kind of carpets will you be offering consumers?

When consumers want to buy a custom carpet, we have a lot of options. We offer our customers carpets with diverse properties such as lintless, anti-allergic and slip-free soles. If you want to buy a carpet for your kitchen, there are carpets, quickly cleaned, sizes you can determine for your living room or other rooms. So, there is a reason for everyone to choose Dolce Vita.

How about new investments?

Our country has been going through difficult times due to the pandemic. We have relentlessly invested in our country during such difficult times and will continue to do so. We will have a plant investment in May. Once we are fully done with prerequisites, we will publicize the investment in the forthcoming days.

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