Dolce Vita will open 5 new shops

Dolce Vita will open 5 new shops

Dolce Vita decided to establish a company based in Germany and later with on merchandising and online operations in the USA in 2020.

With the new normalization process, the brands continue to determine how they will follow in this process. Metin Taşkıran, Chairman of the Board of Dolce Vita Carpet, declaring that they know the importance of the branding in the next period and they will increase to go retail, stated that they will open 5 new stores in shopping malls. Stating that the trade will be more realistic in this environment, Taşkıran evaluated this process for us.

First of all, how did the pandemic process we have experienced recently affect the export?

At the beginning of the pandemic process, we did not have much trouble in our hotel projects together with our small-scale orders in exports. But large-scale orders, and especially China, were put on hold. We made new franchises in Bulgaria, Romania, Israel, Indonesia and Belgium during the pandemic process. We realized a big five star hotel project in Kazakhstan.

How did you go through this process as a brand? What are you planning to do in the future?

We lost sales in the retail and wholesale network from the 15th of March to the end of May. However, this process once again showed us the importance of branding and retailing. In the following period, we made a new plan to open 5 stores, especially in shopping malls.

 Can you give information about your new products? Which products do people prefer during this period?

We made 6 new quality products in the last 6 months. Due to the fact that the products in 6 quality are different, they were very demanded by both the dealer and the end consumer and these products formed a trend. In the next period, instead of being on the market, we concentrated on products with a high visual quality but affordable prices. We make sure that the products we make can be sold all over the world.

What are your studies and thoughts on online sales? How do you think the carpet industry is in this regard?

As our online sales network is wide, we only sell on our own corporate site. We also sell there for the purpose of price determining rather than selling products. But the carpet shop in the world, because it is not as widespread as in Turkey in 2020 is a Germany-based merchandising and we have decided to establish a company that mainly online operations. We also have the idea of selling to Europe all over Germany. We plan to do the same operation in the United States within 2 years. Online sales will continue increasing day by day in the world and we are making our investments accordingly.

What would you like to add lastly?

In both pandemic and economic crisis, Turkey and the world experience, the trade is obliged to continue in more realistic terms. After the new check and promissory law in our country, it has made an obligation to work in new systems where the wholesales are done with credit card, DBS and cash. This will enable brands to work more selectively and boutique in product selection and dealership structuring. It is our duty to focus on our product-oriented works, not price, and to show that the carpet is a valuable commodity for the end consumer.

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