Every brand is special with ECR Etiket!

Every brand is special with ECR Etiket!

ECR Etiket is the solution partner of the carpet manufacturers in Turkey, world’s carpet central, with fast delivery, high-quality digital printing, competitive price policy and special design for every brand.

Using high quality, brand-reflective and long-lived labels is important for carpet manufacturers. ECR Etiket offers its services to the carpet manufacturers at a reasonable price and requested numbers in a short time benefiting from advantages of digital printing, which increases its effectiveness from day to day. ECR Etiket appreciating the significance of customer satisfaction has started to achieve its goal to be one of the preferred companies in the carpet industry with its competitive price policy. Ece Tekerekoğlu, ECR Etiket Company Officer, who states that they have reduced the digital printing label costs of the customers by half due to new printing technology, liquid toner system, and their own label fabric manufacturing, emphasizes every brand is special with labels exclusive to the carpet.

What is the foundation history of ECR Etiket? What kind of label products do you have?

ECR Etiket was established in 2016 in Gaziantep. The company operates in the machinery, yarn and label industries. It entered the label industry in 2018. Our core business in this sector is to manufacture digital carpet labels and supply digital printer and toner.

Which raw material (coated, laminated, fluorescent, recycled, thermal etc.) you use in label production? How did the development of technology influence the label industry?

Carpet labels are adhered to the back of the carpets by thermal treatment (ironing) and they are waterresistant and laminated fabric labels which do not remove even if they are forced. They are woven from polyester and lamination is performed on both sides with various materials. The printing of these labels was traditionally made in printing companies with the offset method and supplied to the carpet manufacturers. However, digital printing technology has started to come into prominence in the carpet sector as in every field and started to be used for labels as a result of technological developments and increasing demands for speed and flexibility.

What is important for the labels produced in the carpet industry? What are the expectations of the customers? How do you meet these expectations?

Today, our carpet manufacturer customers are able to make their digital label printing within their production lines and as integrated with the system easily. Demand and expectations of carpet customers have increased. They demand different label designs for different patterns of the same products, even in small  quantities. They expect a fast and flexible service network. Therefore, digital printing method which is under their control and providing flexibility to them has come into prominence. Offset printing is supplied from printing companies externally. Accordingly, the design, approval, and manufacturing of the prepared label design may last up to a few days. This may affect the manufacturing flow of the carpet manufacturer. However, when the carpet manufacturer makes digital printing by itself, this period reduces to a few minutes. As the offset is made by the printing mold system, additional mold cost occurs or the company has to buy more even if it needs a small quantity. This increases costs and leads to waste. However, in digital printing, if the company needs one label, one label can be printed. Digital printing is part of the manufacturing process of the carpet manufacturer and functions integrated with the Planning/Manufacturing software system used. Therefore, when the manufacturing order is instructed, both the label design and the barcode part are printed automatically. This eliminates the struggling and cost for the barcode label sticking afterward, and there is no risk of derangement and error because the labels are printed consecutively in the manufacturing process. If desired, the system can automatically insert the carpet pattern from the pattern archive and print. Accordingly, the label has become exclusive to the carpet. This is especially demanded by chain stores. Another advantage of digital printing is that design and printing are performed within the company. In this way, when the design is sent to out of the company, there will be no problem regarding the privacy and the customer information will not be shared. We supply a digital printer which functions with a cut (sheet) feed label liquid toner system. Due to the efficiency of our toner system and as the fabric is our own manufacturing, we reduce the digitally printed label cost of the carpet manufacturer by almost half. At the start, we allow for a completely free trial period for 15 days. At the end of the trials, they witness the cost reduction and easily make the purchasing decision. The price of our printer is 1/4 of the available printers in the market and does not have blade cost and problem because it has the sheet-fed feature.

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