Gaziantep Public Training Centers and GASMEK are training new designers

Gaziantep Public Training Centers and GASMEK are training new designers

Gaziantep Public Training Centers and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Art and Job Training Courses (GASMEK) are training qualified employee to the sector in the capital of carpet.

The carpet sector in Turkey is an important branch of industry during the economic development period because of employment opportunities it provides, significant share of value added and exports that have been created in the production process. In our country, about 85 % of carpet production is machine made carpets and 89% of it is produced in Gaziantep. Gaziantep has become the capital of machine-made carpet production in the world with its important investments and capacity increase in the last years.

Computerized Carpet Pattern Design Training

In this context, in order to develop the capacity of human resource in the field of pattern design the sector needs and to bring new designers to the sector, GASMEK and Public Training Centers organize “Computer Aided Carpet Pattern Design Training” free of charge for the trainees Thanks to these courses given in public training centers, affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, the designers who developed their skills and devoted to this job are trained.

Ayşe Sayar, one of the trainers of Şehitkamil Public Training Center, giving detailed information about their training, said “In this training we give our trainees are having information and skills to draw carpet design by using computers. The design is the base of art. While drawing designs, first you analyze, see and draw and then make details. While making details, the relation of part and whole must be established. After this basic information, the trainees are ready to make designs in computer in the field of carpet couture. Our centers always train qualified employees who have quality and characters for the next years. So far many trainees who had course certificate began to work and new friends will continue to follow them.”

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