I pay attention to the unchanging aesthetic factors, not fashionable one

I pay attention to the unchanging aesthetic factors, not fashionable one

In this issue, we will listen to the design story that started in a curtain sewing workshop in Adana. Şansım Televi Boğa, who is currently signing new designs as a creator, graduated from Çukurova University Fine Arts Faculty Textile Design Department in 2013. The successful degrees she received after university prove the importance of design in her life. Afterwards, the designer, who got Milan Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), Department of Fashion and Textile Design in no time flat, completed her master’s education here. Boğa, adding that she had the opportunity to work with designers who are working for famous brands such as Versace and Gucci, says “strong designs are produced by the designer who dominates the techniques he uses.”

First of all, let’s know you 

I was born in Adana in 1987. I had a little blue notebook since my secondary school years and I used to draw designs for it all the time. My design adventure actually started in a curtain sewing workshop before university. I can say that my experiences I gained here caused me to graduate from Çukurova University Fine Arts Faculty Textile Design Department in 2013. During this period, I received TEV merit-based scholarship 3 times and finished my department with second place. Right after my graduation, I took Texcell training, the Computer Aided Carpet Design Program organized by the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association, and worked as a carpet designer in Gaziantep for a short time. In 2015-2019, I completed my master’s degree at Çukurova University, Institute of Social Sciences, Art and Design Department. In 2018, I gave Print Design lessons at Çukurova University, Department of Textile and Fashion Design. I won the 2nd prizes in the 7th Woven Fabric Design competition organized by ATHİB and the “You Design and We Weave” machine carpet competition organized by GAHIB for the 6th time. I started my Proficiency in Art education in 2019. In 2020 -2022, I completed my master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Design at Milan Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA). I am currently working as a creator.

What is indispensable for you when designing a product?

While making my designs, I proceed by focusing on the basic factors at the beginning. These become a must list for designs that carry their own identities. When we take a look from the past to the present, we notice in a concrete way that the concept of aesthetics is constantly changing. I pay attention to the unchanging aesthetic factors, not the fashionable one, and make my designs within the framework of global aesthetic values. That my designs are original and have a story plays the most important role in carrying the value of the work that will be done. Determining the target audience, where the focal point of my designs will be, colors, trend analysis, correct determination of quality… As it is understood, while I am starting my designs, a lot of thought and research are my indispensable things taking me to the right place.

What does the carpet mean to you? 

The world is a point in the universe and the birth of art began with a point. To me, one of the best examples of it in our world of dots is carpets. Each loop is a point, and with the combination of these loops, an enormous language has emerged that reflects our culture, tradition, roots and identity. During my undergraduate period, I received an education mainly on weaving design and modern pattern design. Adding new things to my vision, developing interdisciplinary work has always taken me to the next level for my design development. After entering the carpet sector, I had the opportunity to know the language and roots of motifs even more closely. I tried to make my own identity by transferring carpets, rugs, patterns and motifs to my designs with contemporary interpretations, starting from the idea of “Tradition does not mean staying in the past, but building the present by gaining strength from the past”. In this sense, carpet has actually become a style that I use in different areas.

What are the stages of formation of a design for you?

I have studied in the field of design for about 14 years. What we learned at the very beginning is that the creation of a design should definitely start with the basic design factors and principles. I prepare my textures and compositions accordingly. Beside this, while preparing a collection, I first determine a concept and start my research. I’m doing a second in-depth research and trying to find a trace and a topic of my own identity. I add inspiration from a period; I prepare storyboard of situation, color board, keywords, materials, equipment, manipulations. I complete my drawings by making the pieces whole so that my design speaks the same language in the whole. After making the sketches, I then begin to produce.

How do you interpret the carpets produced by brands recently as a designer?

In general, I do not see the brands in machine carpeting as very innovative. It is considered more in a commercial sense and it proceeds with the logic of “the carpet selling the best carpet”. Colors are not free, and the designers are designing carpets accordingly. Of course, very good works are being done in terms of diversity in the pattern. These cannot be ignored. The carpet produced by a carpet company that made tailor-made designs at a fair was very striking in terms of form and design. That the brands, which make a difference, have more unique qualities and take risks in this way, increase will make a big difference in terms of design in our country. In this way, instead of following the trends of big brands abroad, we can be a design pioneer by determining our own trends.

How did the education you received abroad affect your design life? 

I got the opportunity to study abroad by working really hard and endeavoring hard. For this reason, it’s so precious to me. Like many designers, it was my dream to study in Italy, which is known as the capital of design. I can say that my ranking in the competition of ATHİB and the support of the Ministry of Commerce opened the doors of this dream to the end. There are so many designers around us and it’s really hard to be visible among them by staying within our own shell, our standards. Thus, we need to change, constantly improve, and take advantage of the opportunities that exist. My 2 years of education made me stand out in a distinctive way in my social and business life. I had the opportunity to work with designers working with famous brands (Versace, Gucci). I received quality training from quality teachers in terms of design. In addition, the city I studied, the people around me and their visions also contributed to my design life. As it is an international school, seeing different designs from all nationalities and cultures definitely changed my perspective. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to encounter a new language other than English and to learn Italian on site.

Finally, what would you like to add? 

I can clearly say that strong designs are done by a designer who has an advanced artistic side and has a good command of the techniques he uses. This causes job opportunities and educational opportunities together. Staying positive in the face of all kinds of difficulties, flowing and working is the way that leads us to success.


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