Karya Dijital; digital solution partner for digital carpets

Karya Dijital; digital solution partner for digital carpets

Karya Dijital provides brands willing to produce printed carpets with machinery solutions they manufacture.

Founded for over 30 years ago and offering different solutions to the digital printing industry for the last 15 years, Karya Digital started to serve the carpet industry as well. Having stated that they developed a fully integrated system that could print directly on the carpet, Berkay Alper, the Business Development Manager at Karya Dijital told us more about new solutions they would offer to the sector.

To begin with , would you briefly inform us of the company and your brands?

We started operation in 1990 to make embroidery designs as Brode Art, followed by Hitit Transfer in the field of transfer printing in 1994, which became a domestic leader at its sector. Later emerged Karya Tekstil, an iconic entity representing quality and sustainability in its field.

Karya Dijital has been a supplier of sublimation and direct printing inks, printing machines and sublimation papers to serve digital printing industry for the last 15 years. We offer technical service support that the industry needs with our technical support department as well as routine maintenance and repairs. We also deal with color management and costs. Since the digital world prospers on a daily basis, we keep supplying digital printing machines and spare parts with our brand, ‘Sign In Turkey’, established as a subsidiary of Karya Dijital in 2018.

What solutions do you have to offer carpet industry? What type of printed carpet machines do you have?

I’m glad to let you know that, by far, we are the leader in the sublimation industry in terms of both machinery and dye sales. Naturally, our clients who are to produce carpets through sublimation get in contact with us directly. Currently, there are 30 machines of us running in Gaziantep only.

There are not many options that have the ability to print wide and fast on sublimation paper. We have a 16-head machine that can print on sublimation paper, which is truly a significant breakthrough when you compare it with performance of other machines at the industry. This particular machine prints 750 sqm sublimation print to be transferred to carpet per hour. Then, the paper goes through a certain procedure to transfer the print to carpet. We have no speed issue that we confront. The primary factor that determines the capacity of a digital carpet plant is the printing speed of their machines.

Carpets that do not have high pile or density are produced at the digitally printed carpet industry, particularly appealing to the US. Additionally, there are carpets with high pile and density that need printing as well. There is one company that does this in the world at very high costs. We have 3 different solutions in regard to it. The first one is a fully integrated digital system that can print directly on carpet. The second one is a more economical model that converts machines printing on paper to machines that are available to be used in printed carpet production. Finally, paper transfer machines that we are already a leader of. That’s how we can be of service to carpet industry.

How about your export dealings?

We have an export partner and a factory in China taking care of sales to China and India. We take care of other countries. As we thought that the domestic market had reached saturation point, we built our own export team last year. Unluckily, the pandemic broke out, so we could not conduct export objectives as effectively as we had hoped we would. In spite of all that, we managed to start exporting our products to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Tunisia and Algeria.

How about reactions you have received from abroad about your machines?

We received a dealership request from where we exported the machine in Europe, which of course made us proud; it is really difficult to overcome the bias of Europeans. Fortunately, however, when they see the outcomes, purchasing a machine at such affordable prices sure pleases them, which of course honors us as a manufacturer.

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