New Bamboo series from Emka Carpet

New Bamboo series from Emka Carpet

Emka Carpet presents the new series produced with a special rope that does not contain dust and has the ability to stain. Emre Kandilli, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emka Carpet, stated that they aim to open up to the domestic market as well as abroad by the year 2020 and that they aim to increase exports by sending their new products to European and American regions.

First of all, how long have you been serving the sector as Emka Carpet?

Established in 2014 by adopting high quality service, customer satisfaction and honest working principles, our brand continues to grow with its young and dynamic staff. Emka Carpet has taken its place in the growing and developing carpet market with its experience based on the old sector and became a preferred company in a short time. We develop practical and appropriate solution suggestions by identifying customer requests and needs. Our brand, which has a determined stance in the sector, has always given priority to customer satisfaction. In this direction, we are renewing ourselves every day to provide the best products and services to our customers.

Can you tell us about your latest collections?

The latest collection we created is Bamboo series. Our carpets in this collection which is produced from tricot acrylic materials, have gained a more elegant appearance with laser cutting. The latest trend in color and pattern harmony, our Bamboo series is produced with a special rope that doesn’t have dust and is stain resistant.

Can you give us information about your export activities?

First of all, we would like to introduce our new series in the domestic market. In addition, we will have new collections of export-oriented polyester products in 2020. We intend to ship this product to Europe and America. Our search for new markets and countries outside these regions continues. We aim to further develop this network in 2020 through fairs and customer visits.

If you need to evaluate the last years and 2020, what can you say for the carpet sector and your brand?

If we consider the carpet sector in the domestic market in recent years, the sector has contracted a little. The stagnation of economic conditions in this period affected the market. However, as the series Bamboo Emka Carpet develop our market share in the domestic market, our goal is to make sales to Turkey in general have 200 points. By increasing this number in 2020, we aim to become a national brand in the domestic market.

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