New collections of Royal, Atlas and Pierre Cardin Carpets launched in Gaziantep

New collections of Royal, Atlas and Pierre Cardin Carpets launched in Gaziantep

New products and carpet collections of Royal, Atlas and Pierre Cardin for 2021 were launched at Gaziantep Royal Halı Showroom between 05-09 April.

Held under strict measures because of the pandemic circumstances, new collection introduction was executed with the participation of 300 dealers nationwide for 5 days. Royal Halı A.Ş, which has been managed for some time by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) attaches great importance to R&D and innovation studies; accordingly, all the new season collections have been were designed in different styles. The new collections designed in line with accurate analysis of customer expectations were quite appreciated. Royal Halı, once again, proved that it was one of the pioneering and leading brands at the sector with the introduction where 12 different patterns were exhibited.

Talking about the occasion, Tansel Tula, the GM at Royal Halı A.Ş. said: “We realized our dealers’ launch in Gaziantep, which we used to hold with one large group every year, with small groups over 5 days, due to the present situation this year. We commenced the new season pretty passionately. It’s our anticipation that we are likely to be the most favored carpet brands, thanks to our new collections. This season, we will put on stage 3 different collections by Royal Halı, 3 by Pierre Cardin Halı and 3 by Atlas Halı at our showrooms and shops soon. Let me briefly mention our collections; Our Rome collection by Royal Halı, which quite competes handmade carpets, consists of 12 different patterns of classical and modern styles. Our Babylon collection, consisting of 12 different patterns, is quite remarkable with stunning designs. Our Venice collection, which offers a perfect combination of black, green, yellow and cream tones on ethnic and geometric patterns, consists of 12 designs.”

12 distinct designs

 Making statements about their new collections, Tula added: “12 different patterns of Perla collection by Pierre Cardin Halı, is among the collections that we think will greatly be demanded this season with their texture, color and patterns. Pierre Cardin Art Deco collection consists of 12 different patterns with their simple and unique borders. The Gloria collection, which embodies Pierre Cardin’s corporate spirit reflected on carpet, consists of 8 different patterns. Frape collection by Atlas Halı, where brown tones are welcomed by classic and modern designs, contains 12patterns. The Vivaldi collection, where cream tones and classic motifs meet modern lines, offers 10 patterns. Ecole collection, which we believe will be indispensable for authentic spaces, has 4 designs.

“We are intended to enhance both our profitability and employment rate in 2021”

Underlining the fact that the Royal Halı turned around profitable in their business in 2020, Tula also said: “We closed the fiscal year 2020 with profit, unlike the previous year. In 2020, our company grew its assets by 27% and profitability by 112%. Our total employment got increased by 17%.”

Sharing figures of 2021, Tansel Tula concluded his words as follows: “As a company that has now managed to be profitable, we are committed to build our financial structure on solid basis and we aim to increase our profitability by 30% in 2021. Accordingly, we are determined to increase our employment rate by 18 % and our export performance by 20 %. What we have realized during the first quarter of 2021 also proves our budget projections. In addition, we managed to have the entire machinery park actively and efficiently operating by renewing and revising the inventory. To conclude, we are eager and dedicated to move on with our investments in 2021.”

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