Over Half a century, Abdiogullari

Over Half a century, Abdiogullari

Founded in 1963 by Abdi Sutcu as a family company, Abdiogullari Plastik ve Ambalaj San. Inc. (ABCO) has become one of the leading manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East today. The company, which has grown rapidly, soundly and strategically in half a century, has 8 integrated production facilities in Adana Organized Industry Zone. ABCO is the 383rd largest company in Turkey according to ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) 500 list published in 2018.

New technical textile investments to continue FILBACK carpet backing initiative

Mr. Salih Sutcu, one of the board members of the company which has been the leader in Agricultural and Industrial plastic weaving packaging sector, has stated that they will succeed in technical textile investments which are the continuation of FILBACK carpet backing investments made in 2012.

Artificial Grass Backing, Fibrillated Yarn, and Nonwoven Invstments

Continuously investing in highest technology European machinery, ABCO has announced its FELTBACK brand to nonwoven sector, and its JRY branded fibrillated yarn to carpet sector. Aiming in diversified product invesment, TURFBACK, TRIOBACK, FIXBOND, FINEBACK, TWINBACK brands has been offered to artificial grass manufacturers to provide a one-stop supplier experience.

Success in employing 1500 employees in 8 facilities

According to Mr. Salih Sutcu, the success of employing 1500 workers in 8 facilities is directly proportional to education, dynamism, innovation, R&D initiatives and following technology. Mentioning the indispensable importance of exportation, he also stated that they aim to maintain their leadership by participating in the most popular exhibitions in relevant sectors, following innovations and customer expectations closely. Having exporting to more than 50 countries in 4 continents with a steady growth, Filpa Ambalaj ve Dis Ticaret A.S. has placed 416th in Turkey’s top export companies according to TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly). Europe and Middle East are prominent markets for Filpa. Africa is also becoming an important market for Filpa due to its closed economic structure and resistance to global economic crisis.

Sustainable Energy Investment

ABCO has established ISO 50001 Energy Management System in order to protect environment and reduce energy costs. The first Solar Power Plant, installed in 2016 with 1 MW electricity capacity, has increased its power to 3 MW. ABCO is planning to increase its Solar Power Plant capacity to 13 MW in 2020.

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