Pastel colors… plain patterns…

Pastel colors… plain patterns…

Changes in the interiors where we spend fairly more time presently  then ever are frequently taking place. Carpet industry is naturally a part of the whole process, which affects the making of carpet collections. So, we, as the Magazine, ‘Decor’ expressed Royal Halı, our queries concerning their adaptations to the pandemic and their new creations.  Tansel Tula, the GM at Royal Halı A.Ş. said they would launch two collections each for Pierre Cardin, Royal Halı and Atlas Halı in 2021.

How did 2020 go for Royal Halı, which has been known for its all-time focus on R&D and innovation at carpet industry? Would you make a brief comment on the past year?

2020 turned out to be a difficult year for all the world. As a matter of fact, we had a striking launch in March in Antalya. Our products were highly appreciated on display, particularly Monet of Pierre Cardin, Nero of Royal and Motto and Begonvil of Atlas Halı. Soon after we got back from the launch, there it was! the pandemic.

A good start that we had to the 1st quarter was followed by the 2nd quarter with a period of recession due to the pandemic. Luckily, the 3rd quarter came with increasing demand that had been on-hold for a few months; however, bans and lockdowns were there too. All those incidents made us work longer hours to organize our production and delivery plans. Despite all that, shortly, we concluded the year 2020 with satisfactory results in terms of sales and profitability. We are happy to have a year of  growth and profitability compared to previous years.

What makes Royal Halı stand out among others?

First off, Royal Halı embodies 3 distinguished brands, each of which makes precious collections that are distinctive. Royal Halı, known for innovation; Pierre Cardin, a renowned brand globally and Atlas Halı, a brand of 54 years. We are the leading carpet brand that has been focused on R&D and innovation accompanied by huge investments. Customers’ expectations and demands are the driving force of our innovation capability.

What do you care about most while forming your collections?

We look into global trends in the fields of furniture, textile and household accessories before we give the final analysis on our collections. Our design team participate in distinguished fairs related to furniture and textile in and out of the country. This past year, though, no fairs were carried out due to the virus. For the time being, everyone, us too, keeps track of home decoration fashion through digital media as we all live in it.

The research and analyses that we made display that the world has gone through a severe phase of transformation due to the pandemic. Spending ever more time indoors led people to make changes at living spaces for a better space perception.

Working online, from home, people want more; both comfort and stylish ambience at where they are. Every single sector, more or less connected with furniture and household decoration has been affected positively during the pandemic process. Irreplaceable among indoor decoration, carpet industry is one of them. Royal Halı, Pierre Cardin and Atlas Halı, all three were among the most sought-after in 2020.

What about new 2021 carpet trends and your new collections?

Carpet industry goes side by side with furniture industry; in this regard, anything new, any changes in one is directly linked to the other; therefore, carpet trends heavily relies on furniture industry.

Similar to the trends 2020, pastel colors in furniture fashion that reflect serenity will be dominating the industry in 2021. There will be more production of comfortable but plain products. Red, fuschia and orange will mostly be used on decorative accessories to add spice and zest to the atmosphere. That’s the understanding we adopt for Royal Halı, Pierre Cardin ve Atlas Halı. Our collections embody pastel and plain designs that are non-irritating to the eye. Vivid and lively colors, at times, are reflected on some of our collections, though.

We are planning to put 6 collections on stage in 2021; 2 for each brand. Collections  are the outcome of day and night work of our design team, with attention to every single detail. Peaceful pastel colors, geometric forms and abstract irregular lines, conventional patterns and graphic designs will all be there.

How would you conclude your comments about your 2021 objectives and any messages to our readers?

We are about to finalize our 2021 budget planning. We foresee  agradual betterment of the situation as a result of vaccination by the 2nd half of 2021. We are determined to maintain our growth trend both in and out of the country. Our commitment to protect the health of our employees will remain the same; our principle to offer our customers top quality products will allways be there. We deeply wish our readers and our country best of health, peace and prosperity.

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