Recycling is now in our bedrooms

Recycling is now in our bedrooms

Cottonbox presented its new collections, which it recycles and uses less water while producing, to the admiration of consumers.

With the awareness of building a “sustainable life”, Cottonbox adds energy to bedrooms with their Pouf Embroidery series by creating nature-friendly designs with its 2022/2023 Autumn Winter Collection. Designed with the idea of being cheerful and positive makes life beautiful, the series displays a modern stance with its vibrant colors and stylish design. With its original design and quality production, setting the trends in home textiles, Cottonbox renews the energy of bedrooms with its Puff Embroidery series. Elio Copper & Black duvet cover set in the series integrates the romantic spirit of copper with the nobility of black. Liya Tile & Beige and Mirely Tile & Black duvet cover sets heat up the air of bedrooms with the warmth of tile color.

Healthy Sleep with Cottonbox… 

Cottonbox brings simplicity and peace to homes with its new designs made from recycling and using less water to emphasize sustainability in home textiles. With its unique and innovative style, the brand brings new products obtained from recycling to its users with its respect for nature. Cottonbox, which carries out production at European standards in all printing and dyeing stages, balances body temperature through to its designs with high air permeability and breathable cottonlike surface. In this way, Cottonbox prevents the formation of allergies by preventing sweating during sleep and offers comfortable sleep through all seasons.


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