Roca’s new Mediterranean Ona collection is in Turkey

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Roca, one of the world’s leading brands with its innovative products developed for bathroom areas; introduced its new design-oriented collection Ona in Turkey.

Roca, the world leader in the production, design, and distribution of bathroom products introduced its new Ona Collection in Turkey. The design-oriented collection, which is produced with Fineceramic® and Stonex® materials specially developed by Roca, and includes the latest innovations, responds to the needs and expectations of the current period with every feature. Roca Turkey General Manager Salvador Lopez Oliva emphasized the values of the new collection as “A timeless, highly functional and accessible design that respects natural materials and has a sustainable approach”.

Oliva: The product of our mission to develop the best solutions for the world we live in

Salvador Lopez Oliva states that Roca Group has adopted environmental awareness as its mission all over the world, with said “As the leading and innovative brand of the sector, we develop technology-oriented innovative products. By developing new materials, we take care that our designs are respectful to nature, efficient, and aesthetic. The Ona Collection also represents the point we have reached with these works. The Ona Collection, designed by the Benedito Design studio and NOA Intelligent Design teams, with the coordination of the Roca Design Center team; stands out with its timeless, nature-related, and easy integration features. With its versatility and diversity, Ona, which adapts to every space it is in, will also make the lives of architects and designers easier.”

Functional, hygienic, innovative, and adaptable to all areas

With its versatile use, wide product range, and soft geometric lines inspired by nature, the Ona collection draws attention with its design that can adapt to all times. Inspired by the Mediterranean, the collection has a wide range of products that can be adapted to different design needs and all bathroom spaces. The washbasins are produced with the innovative material Fineceramic®, which allows the production of thinner and lighter parts in desired sizes. The washbasins, have an extra smooth surface with their Supraglaze® coating, provide maximum hygiene by preventing the accumulation of dirt.

Efficiency guaranteed in water and energy consumption

One of the most unique elements of the Ona collection is the luminaire designs with a distinctive appearance. Ona armatures with Evershine® surface, coating technology with special Ni/Chrome coating thicknesses, prevent corrosion. Ona faucets guarantee more efficiency in water-saving and energy consumption with Cold Start technology. Inspired by natural resources, Roca’s bathtubs and shower trays with special Stonex® material stand out with their non-slip feature, resistance to abrasion, and durability. All accessories of the collection are produced in matte white, matte gray, and matte green colors from recycled materials.

Turkey was selected as a pilot region for sustainability

Roca’s journey in the fields of architecture, design, and sustainability, Salvador Lopez Oliva continued: “The philosophy of sustainability is an integral part of Roca Group identity. Roca chose our Eskişehir factory, which is one of the 3 largest production facilities in our country, as a pilot in its sustainability studies focusing on water efficiency. Thus, our Eskişehir factory assumed a very important task. We have taken a critical role in optimizing Roca Group’s cyclical water use. The outputs we obtained in Eskişehir will also be applied in other factories of the group around the world. We are very excited that we have been selected as a model region in this global study. We are very happy and proud to undertake this mission.”


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