Royal Halı collections bring novelty to spaces

Royal Halı collections bring novelty to spaces

Royal Halı, the primary choice of those who want to beautify their living spaces, is attracting attention with its new collection. Elite, Nova and Mystic models of Royal Halı is waiting for those who seek innovation in their decorations.

The collections of Royal Halı for 2022, which are designed with a sense of naturalness, beauty and freedom, are offering a wide variety of options for those who want to beautify their living spaces. Trend colors and patterns used in Royal Halı models address to those who want to renew their home and office.

Magical ambience with Elite, Nova and Mystic

The choice of carpet, which is a must for interior decorations, finds meaning due to the rich Royal Halı collections. Those who want to bring innovation and add elegance to their home and office are brightening up with the wide choice models of Royal Halı, revitalizing the emotions. While Nova, one of the ambitious products of collection of Royal Halı for 2022, brings an ambience of youth and freshness to spaces with its innovative patterns, it adds vitality and energy to the environment. Elite, the most special model of the Royal Halı collection, help those who do not compromise on originality and elegance. Those who want to feel the privilege and difference are feeling themselves in a magical ambience with Elite. Those who prefer Mystic, which evokes spring with its shades of green, invite the awakening of nature to their homes.

The brand having the largest dealer network, Royal Halı

Royal Halı, entering the year 2022 with 12 collections, holds the title of the company having the largest dealer network in Turkey in its sector with its other brands Atlas Halı, Pierre Cardin Halı and Studio. Royal Halı models are being offered to carpet lovers in nearly 500 showrooms and sales points spread across the country. SigortHalı, the first service of Royal Halı, of which the famous Turkish music performer Ebru Yaşar is the brand face, draws attention as a consumer-friendly application.

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