Royal Halı determined its vision for 2022

Royal Halı determined its vision for 2022

Royal Halı AŞ, one of Turkey’s leading carpet producer groups, is at the forefront of its sector with its increasing capacity day by day by exporting carpets to 28 countries with all its brands.

Royal Halı is pioneering a breakthrough in the carpet industry in Turkey with its innovative structure, investments in R&D, inspiring work, and young and dynamic staff. Royal Halı, which has the title of having the largest dealer network in the country with more than 500 showrooms and sales points throughout Turkey, is working hard for its 2022 collections nowadays.

Tansel Tula, General Manager of Royal Halı A.Ş., stated that they are preparing to take a leading role in the sector with the models they designed, the lines they use, and the contemporary carpet and pattern designs, as they do every year, said at his statement about the topic “In our newly prepared collections for Royal Halı, we use the entire color scale in designs in perfect harmony, from the colors of the time when nature reawakens, to the soothing blue hues, from pastel colors where inspiration reaches its peak, to all the tones of the sky.”

More calm products

Talking about new carpet models and their features, Tula said “In this way, while aiming to make relaxing, calming ambience giving energy and ease in spaces, we are targeting to make our designs from carpet models that attract perceptions like a work of art by using amorphous forms, abstract patterns, geometric and ethnic forms. At Royal Halı, which attaches great importance to innovation studies in its sector as a necessity of being a brand, we color its production by feeling spatial fashion trends both in Turkey and abroad with expert R&D and design team.”

Export to 28 countries in 2021

Giving information about export and branding work, Royal Halı A.Ş. General Manager Tansel Tula concluded his words as follows: “Royal Halı, which exports to 28 countries in the world market as well as in different parts of the world such as the USA, Saudi Arabia, China, Morocco, Turkmenistan, Romania, especially the Central European countries beside Turkish market, adds new export markets to this number every day. We aim to make a strong start to the new season with new advertising works in order to continue branding. Royal Halı is rapidly advancing towards its goal of ‘A World Brand’ with its work for the future of carpet and its strong and innovative structure that guides the sector.”


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