Soft, Deluxe and Exclusive: brand new products by Belemir for 2021

Soft, Deluxe and Exclusive: brand new products by Belemir for 2021

Fustat Halı will be launching three different products, produced with the registered trademark, ‘Belemir’ in January.

Found to primarily offer their clients a rich diversity of patterns and designs on carpets, Fustat, which is empowered by young and dynamic staff as well as top-notch technology machinery has stepped on the gas pedal to launch high-valued brand new products as of January of the new year. Informing us of the recent products and those to be launched soon, Kadir Elmalı, the chairman told us more about what they have been doing recently as well as impacts of and measures taken against the notorious virus.

What type of carpets have you been producing?

We have been an active player in the sector for about four years. We produced pvc and dot  carpets as well as carpet covers till the end of 2020. We tried hard and now I believe we proved to be one of the leading companies in the making of decorative carpets. Having initiated R&D endeavors as of October 2020, we had a go at producing three different products which were labelled as ‘Belemir Halı’ by Fustat Halı. We are planning to introduce them to our customers at our sales points sometime in January 2021.

What are those products?

One is ‘Belemir Soft’,  made exclusively out of woven bamboo fabric and cotton base. Next one is what we call, ‘Deluxe’ made out of chenille on the face and cotton on the base and the third one is ‘Belemir Exclusive’. The fabric of the product is uniquely made by ourselves. It’s also cotton on the base. The surveys we have conducted show that there will be quite a good deal of demand to these products. We work day and night, burn a lot of midnight oil to offer our people the best quality they deserve.

How much has pandemic affected you?

Obviously, we had serious concerns once the pandemia started to sweep the world around March. We analyzed all our concerns individually to find the accurate solution to each of them and our first choice was to keep going full steam ahead to continue production, which truly pushed us ahead of other producers that chose partial or fully shutdown. Interestingly, we received way more orders since people stayed home.  We doubled our production. Customers of other companies also purchased our products. In short, we are trying to get over with this difficult time with least negative impact. Last but not least, we haven’t ever thought about layoffs or applied for government subsidies.

To conclude, will you please tell us about your 2021 projections?

We have a firm belief that there will be a growing demand to such products all through 2021. Therefore, Fustat Halı has been keen on remarkable investments with serious strategic plans to produce new products. We wish a prosperous economic and peaceful year both for our company and our country. That’s what I’ve been sincerely wishing for.


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