Take a good look at this carpet!

Take a good look at this carpet!

It’s called Sahasrāra.. Having been brought to life by some healer using traditional heritage, the figure was woven on carpet by Yıldızlux.

That mysticism has influences on human life is a common belief.  The faith that has been used in local circles across the world as an alternative medical means attracts gradually boosting attention as the virus has entered our lives.

The symbol, called, ‘Sahasrāra’ and believed to boost energy and vibration on our body by local healers is considered to fortify the immune system. During hard times like now when we are terribly concerned about getting sick, Sahasrāra is believed to emit 243Hz frequency energy from the crown chakra to recover immune system within the body.

Yıldızlux weaved the symbol on carpet

Being one of the ten, hand-tuft producers in Europe, Yıldızlux put the design on the carpet.  Underlining the fact that they are the oldest hand-tuft technique user in Turkey, Eda Anjel, a partner of the brand told us more about Sahasrāra. “I was sent this symbol by a healer in Peru when I was anxious about the viruses and I was notified of the fact that it would enhance immune system by boosting frequency vibrations. I, then, had the belief that anyone would benefit from this spiritual approach. That’s why we put the symbol on this very carpet.”

Eda Anjel: “healing to spiritually seeing eyes”

Adding that they named the carpet, ‘Sahasrāra’, Anjel concluded her comments: “Our store is on a busy Street at Yıldız. We put the carpet on display window so as to have people look at and benefit from it. We wish that the carpet could make people feel good. That’s our sole purpose.”

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