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Ravanda Halı, the only carpet manufacturer that has got an A grade from the BSCI system at once in Gaziantep, is one of the most important brands of Gaziantep in indoor and outdoor carpet production

Ravanda Halı, which is now entrusted to the third generation, has been serving the carpet sector since 1994. Mustafa Uzanır, who is the third generation representative of the brand and Member of the Board of Directors, stating that they have an annual production capacity of 9 million square meters, said that they have all the manufacturer’s certificates expressing world standards. Uzanır, expressing that they mostly send products to the USA as export, gave information about their new targets and the features of the carpets they produce.

First of all, as Ravanda Halı, can we listen to you about the process that has passed since its establishment? 

First of all, I am the third generation in this profession. My grandfather Hadji Mustafa Uzanır started this profession as a journeyman and entered the sector in 1994 with the hand looms he bought. Of course, there weren’t many carpets back then; only rugs are being produced. For many years, he took care of his family by weaving and selling rugs, blankets and pique. My father Ramazan Uzanır, on the other hand, started weaving when he was not going to school and trained himself thanks to my grandfather. Later, my uncles, Mehmet Ali and Mustafa Uzanır were also included in this process. In 1970 my father went to Germany to work. When he returned, he entered the sector by importing one of Gaziantep’s first mechanical looms. With my grandfather’s hand looms and my father’s mechanical looms, the modernization in the Uzanır family began in that time. Work developed with a father and three sons. Then we take over the flag.

What kind of carpets do you produce as a brand? 

Our brand has been producing carpets called “Flat weaving”, having a fine woven structure, indoor/ outdoor use, and rug-like appearance. In our products, we are using yarns that are protected against ultraviolet rays, resistant to water, dust and dirt, and have anti-bacterial properties. By this means, the products can have indoor and outdoor use. If we touch on the indoor/outdoor a little, these carpets are suitable for gardens, verandas and offices. It is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms as it is resistant to water and pollution.

Could you give information about your production capacity and power? 

We have a monthly production capacity of 750 thousand square meters and 9 million square meters per year. We have been producing with our stateof-the-art and fully automatic machines. We are the most advanced company in the sector in terms of knitting and technical equipment with the vast experience and knowledge coming from the family. In fact, it doesn’t show complete accuracy to express our production power only as capacity. Because there are some manufacturer certificates expressing world standards and these are also available in our company. For instance, we are the only carpet manufacturer in Gaziantep, which has completed the BSCI system with a grade of A, that is, 99% success at once. Beside this we have successfully completed Sedex-SMTA, CT-PAT and GSV audits.

What are the features of the products you use? What are the most important features that difference you from other brands? 

I think that the products, we use, with 100% synthetic, anti-allergen, anti-bacterial, UV-supported, that is, long-term durability under sunlight, non-flammability and easy use, is making us one of the pioneers in outdoor carpet production. In addition, we are making production in all our grades according to oeko-teks standards and there are certifications of all of them.

How can you evaluate the last period of the carpet sector?

I think the carpet sector has been modernized with “Flat Weaving”. There is no more that the consumers use carpets for many years, which is an old habit. For this reason, carpets that are slightly thinner, easy to clean or at least easily replaceable are being preferred. This change has led to the increase proliferation of those that are producing fine woven carpet in our sector. Whether it is outdoor one or not, fine woven ones entered our homes in boutique form. 10- When it comes to carpet, we would remember the carpets, which were difficult to carry, heavy and used for many years after purchased, 10-15 years ago. It is even tragicomic that it was even used as a crime tool in some movies such as “Mavi Boncuk”.

In terms of exports, how did the year 2022 pass? Which countries and regions do you export to? Are there new target markets?

The internet shopping that increased due to Covid In 2021 caused us to receive serious production demands. After seeing demand reached high levels, year 2022 was definitely a bad year. Since it is the year after our sector has seen the summit, it cannot frankly be called a good year.

The USA takes the lead among the countries our company exports. It is followed by Canada, Mexico and Brazil. We export to England, Germany, France, Portugal and the Netherlands in the European region, and Saudi Arabia and Palestine in the Middle East. Our target markets are Qatar, Dubai and the African region. I think that companies that are producers and exporters in our country should be developed by the state to a certain extent.

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