The focus of design at Domotex Turkey was Dolce Vita

The focus of design at Domotex Turkey was Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita Halı attracted great attention at Domotex Turkey fair.

Dolce Vita Halı took its place in Domotex Turkey fair held in Gaziantep on 14-17 May 2022, after a 3-year hiatus with Dolve Vita and Massimo brands. At the fair, where visitors showed great interest, Dolce Vita and Massimo attracted attention with their stand design.

Intense interest from foreigners

Metin Taşkıran, Chairman of the Board of Dolce Vita Halı, stating that they hosted many foreign visitors at the fair, said “In particular, international visitors show great interest in our stand. We made our Massimo stand in the style of an art gallery. That the designs in it are very interesting also increased the demand. Those who saw our products here started to demand the designs and the products only for their own brand. We even have foreign customers who have such requests. These are the things that honor us and show how right our work is.”

Franchising demands keep coming, interest is high

Taşkıran, stating that both brands were in high demand at the fair where they attended with 2 brands, said “We have never seen the Dolce Vita side of our booth empty. There is a high demand for it as well. Since we are the first carpet brand to give franchise, there were also dealership requests here.

We are currently evaluating them. We will take the right steps for our brand as before. Of course, this is because we are constantly making up-to-date products that can be sold all over the world. Our emphasis on simplicity and naturalness in the design process draws attention and interest to our brand.”

Massimo is in the top 3 in the world

Metin Taşkıran, Dolce Vita Carpet Chairman who finally, gave information about their new investment and the effects of this at the fair, concluded his words as follows “The majority of companies that make projects show interest in our Massimo brand. Here we work like a tailor. We manufacture carpets wherever and however people want them. Especially on the tuft side, I would like to say that we are one of the three companies in the world that can produce with this skill and this capability. Important points like this, of course, increase the demand even more.”


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