Trend colors of 2021 inspired by nature

Trend colors of 2021 inspired by nature

Polisan brings colors inspired by the nature to your homes

Due to the pandemic affecting the world, now we mostly live indoors. We spend more time in our homes than ever before. Our longing for nature stands out in the interior decoration trends of 2021. Polisan Kansai Paint draws attention to the fact that colors inspired by nature such as blue, green and yellow will dominate the color chart of this year.

In a world where we stay away from nature and spend most of our time in our homes, designs, materials and textures adapt to the power of nature and focus on working in synergy with nature. As a result of the effect of technology in all areas of our lives due to the pandemic, the trend of returning to nature is felt all over the world. Offering solutions that make those who want to renovate their homes with the “Smiley Paint” brand vision, Polisan Kansai Paint explains the trendiest colors of 2021…

Gray symbolizes Covid-19 pandemic and yellow hope

The coronavirus epidemic was reflected in every aspect of our lives, as well as in color choices. Pantone, which highlights only one color every year, has announced two colors this year. “Ultimate Gray”, which symbolizes the Covid-19 era, refers to the struggle of humanity against this epidemic and their endurance. On the other hand, “Illuminating Yellow” gives hope to the future as the color of optimism. Mustard yellow and intense yellows are among the most prominent colors in 2021 decoration.

The most beautiful greens of nature are in our homes

The green hues, which stand out with their soothing, calming and healing properties, make a great impact on 2021 decoration trends. In these days when we need to feel good, the hues of green that symbolize growth, order, freshness, rebirth and hope give the interiors a sense of trust. You can choose this fresh color of nature for your home decoration.

Sky blue creates a feeling of peace and freedom

The classic blue, chosen by Pantone as the “Color of the Year” last year, continues to make its impact felt in 2021 decoration trends. Shades of blue such as navy blue, turquoise and light blue, which evoke peace and confidence, are candidates to be the trendiest surface colors of 2021 for indoor and outdoor spaces. You can bring the excitement and vastness of the ocean to your home with these colors.

Timeless and harmonious Earth hues

Earth colors, which we have frequently seen in decoration in recent years, add warmth to any space. In 2021, we will see harmonious earth hues especially with materials such as wood, hand-woven and rattan, which will create a timeless effect. “Terracotta”, which means “baked soil” in Italian, is a candidate to be one of the trendiest colors of the year.

Purples and reds for those looking for vitality

For those who prefer vitality and high energy in interior decoration, purples and reds will be very popular in 2021. The strong orange hues of red, which offer a romantic and striking style, create a positive effect in homes. Warm purples giving a noble elegance are among the most prominent colors of this year.

Dark colors dominates the kitchens and bathrooms

Whites and hues, which have dominated kitchens and bathrooms since the 80’s, are replaced by dark grays and anthracite in 2021. Black hues to accompany the dark wood cabinets will also be very popular.

White, the symbol of cleanliness and purity, is again very trend

Although it has lost its effect in bathrooms and kitchens, this year we will continue to see white, the symbol of cleanliness and purity, in other parts of the house. We will feel the weight of white in interior decoration trends, nearby Scandinavian and Japanese decorations. If you want to create a bright effect in your home in 2021, you can choose walls and furniture dominated by white color. You can also complete your interior decoration with black and pastel hues which are very harmonious with white.


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