Yıldız Entegre renews your home’s laminate flooring with the decoration competition!

Yıldız Entegre renews your home’s laminate flooring with the decoration competition!

ldız Entegre’s holding a prize competition, and you’ll get a laminate flooring upgrade if you’re lucky enough! Yıldız Entegre is the first company in Turkey to use augmented reality, aiming to help customers pick floorings by virtual applications. And now, the company is holding a special competition in celebration!

Yıldız Entegre has been among the prominent companies regarding the attention given to technological investments and continues the hard work to offer its customers the best digital experience. With the truly one of a kind in technology, Shoot, Pick, Apply!, Yıldız Entegre widened its customers horizons. Now, an online competition will offer customers who use this technology a chance to decorate their homes.

Entering the competition is no hard work! Just download Yıldız Entegre application or find the “Shoot, Pick, Apply” tab on the company’s website; then take a photo of your house, and either send it through a direct message or share it using #ceksecuygula hashtag or @YıldızEntegre tag.

The applications for the competition, which aims to help customers try out laminate flooring decorations and products online, will be open until 18 January 2021. The contestants will use “Shoot, Pick, Apply” and take a photo of their houses, try a laminate flooring design and display the new decoration. Don’t forget to follow Yıldız Entegre account! The assessment will include a preselection process, and once the preselection is completed, 16 photos will be named finalists.

The Laminate Flooring of Your Dreams

The next step will also be carried out on Instagram. Following a survey, four photos will be picked as winners. On 5 February 2021, the winners will be announced on Yıldız Entegre’s Instagram account. All four of the winners’ houses will be redecorated with VarioClic and TerraClick laminate flooring models of their choice.

How to Enter the Competition?

To enter the “Shoot, Pick, Apply” competition, make sure to download Yıldız Entegre application and find the “Shoot, Pick, Apply” tab on the company’s website, and then post the photos on your own accounts. In the post, don’t forget to use #ShootPickApply hashtag and tag @YıldızEntegre. For Yıldız Entegre to be able to see and record the photos, make sure your profile remains accessible. The participants have to be over 18 years of age and should reside in Turkey.

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