08Having a new brand in carpet industry, Saltanat Hali, Orhan Candemir, chairman of Moda Life company introduced his company and activities:

Who is Saltanat Hali?

Our vision is to be a leading carpet company active in the way to satisfy our consumers, customers, personnel and shareholders. Our mission is to be known as a leading Turkish carpet company active in international markets by investing great amounts in key areas of carpet business and to build a vertical integration as Saltanat and Moda Life. We will offer the best value at reasonable prices and will establish a powerful partnership with our customers. We also aim to satisfy and make them happy all our customers, workers, and shareholders. We improve, empower and develop our organization as such, and support our values.

On the main theme of the collections for 2015

Our design team and we developed them by watching developments and the most popular and actual colors in the market. We offer the best patterns that may be attractive the most in domestic and international market by developing solutions from consumer insights.

On main characteristic of the designs

We collected the greatest and the latest color tones that are demanded currently by most of the buyers and combined them with original designs we developed to produce high quality carpets. We also offer these high standard products of us at reasonable prices.

On smart textiles, recycling and green products

The sector report prepared by official bodies on carpet industry in Turkey deals with all developments in the industry and aims to support the development of plans, programs and strategies by the companies. The report is also focused on the carpet companies in Gaziantep and in Turkey in general. Carpet industry is one of the industries having higher share in national income, employment and export potential.

On general outlook of the carpet industry in Turkey and in the world, and Turkey’s position

Consumers and customers have their own point of views on carpet industry. High concentration of carpet industry in Gaziantep region provides serious amount of employment opportunities in the region. Centered in Gaziantep, carpet-manufacturing industries have experienced remarkable growth paths. The developments have strengthened the local economy as well as national economy. Producers, exporters, vocational organizations, local administrations all work hand in hand to produce these prideful results. Turkey is on the way to settle on the summit of carpeting in the world.

On problems and activities that aim to solve them

When compared with the outlook of the past, we saw a growing trend in the carpet industry. However, the increasing number of carpet producers and the competition among them force companies to reduce their prices that were offered by me-too type of companies. In the future, bigger companies will keep their position while smaller ones are either joining their forces or crowded out.

On the major factor that distinguishes Turkish carpet manufacturers in the export markets

We are hard working and producing quality carpets. We also offer competitive price quotations. And we can respond fast to changing conditions in the markets and demands of customers. We also have an experienced, qualified staff for both manufacturing and business operations.



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