Altek produces 110 thousand tons of raw materials annually for the carpet industry

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Altek, which provides services in more than 60 countries with offices in 22 countries, started its operations in Türkiye in 2015. Stating that they serve their customers with 10 employees and 3 warehouses as Istanbul Office, Altek Türkiye, Europe and CIS Countries Regional President Taha Can Çavuşoğlu said that they serve in 4 continents and gave information about their operations in the carpet industry.

Can we ask about the milestones of your company from its establishment until today?

Altek International FZE is a global company, established in Dubai in 2009, with all foreign capital, manufacturing and distributing chemical raw materials. In India and Thailand, it produces bitumen membrane and acrylic resin, as well as latex dispersion, to be supplied to the carpet and textile, construction chemicals and composite industries.

In addition to its production activities, it is located in 22 countries; It continues its distributorship activities in the field of chemical raw materials in 4 continents and many geographies with its office, warehouse and field employees. In general, by distributing raw materials suitable for the carpet and textile, textile auxiliary chemicals, industrial adhesive, plastic and cable, rubber and tire, polymer emulsion, oil and gas, petrochemical, coating and ink, composite, construction chemicals industry groups, the local stock it offers, It offers solutions to its customers with opportunities such as logistic advantage, quality and stability, technically equipped team and competitive prices.

Our commercial activities and sales in Türkiye, which started in 2015, have accelerated since 2018. Our company, which has established its legal entity as Altek International Kimya in Türkiye since 2021, today serves its customers with 10 employees and 3 warehouses in Türkiye. It is planned to open a branch office in Europe in 2024.

Could you give information about your production capacity and production facilities?

As of the beginning of 2023, we have increased the capacity of our latex facility, which we sell to Asian countries, especially China, Thailand, India, especially the carpet industry in the Middle East and North Africa, and the nonwoven industry in Europe, reaching an annual capacity of 110,000 tons. One of our 2024 targets, specifically for the carpet industry, is to realize our role as the leading latex supplier in the Middle East and North Africa carpet sectors in the Turkish carpet market with our increasing capacity.

Could you give information about the latex you produce for the carpet industry and their properties?

SBR and our R&D studies continue in many different application forms. The latexes we produce; It stands out with its features such as odorless, high adhesion performance, high physical and chemical resistance, high tensile strength, resistance to aging and tensile strength.

As Istanbul Office, to which regions and countries do you send products? Will you have new investments related to export activities?

As Istanbul Office, we manage the markets of Türkiye, Europe, Russia and CIS countries. We export to countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland, especially Eastern European countries. Our company continues its sales in more than 60 countries with offices in 22 countries globally. For 2024, we want to open an office in Europe and become one of the main suppliers of latex in the Turkish carpet industry.

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