Digital’s civilization

Digital’s civilization

Mezo Digital offers efficient digital asset management.

Lately, as digitalization has taken more day-to-day roles in everyday lives, our habits have changed too. The most important of them is, undoubtedly, online shopping. We asked our questions the right expert particularly about what strategies the brands should follow, in terms of this platform, which has boomed over the last 1 year period. Dr. Nabat Garakhanova, the Chairman of the Board and Digital Communications Expert at Mezo Digital gave significant information about how brands should manage their digital assets and what details they should particularly be attentive to while managing them.

How did the idea of setting up ‘Mezo Digital’ pop up? How did the fondation process go?

A brand title should be generic, catchy, easy to pronounce and universal. The name dawned on me on a trip to the city of Mardin. The name of the area there is ‘Mesopotamia’, which is the site of earliest civilizations. Since civilizations emerge from Mesopotamia, I named it so, referring to the birth of digital civilization, like the emergence of antique civilizations of Mesopotamia.

Mezo Digital mostly serves institutions and large companies. Our business principle is based on 3 legs; perception, credibility and community management. We digitally set up and execute strategies; that is, for instance, we figure out the significance a certain word on a photo in the simplest way. We try to communicate correctly at digital by maintaining balance. Digital is a very important communication tool; but unfortunately it has turned out to be some sort of garbage. Anyone out there writes anything, judges anyone, which is quite concerning, to be honest.

What have you been up to at Mezo Digital lately?

To begin with, we do not immediately approve of working together with someone or a company unless we feel a certain kind of attachment deep down, as we have to believe and trust the other party. We are totally keen on the fact that what we do should end up in just satisfactory since our signature is on it. We serve companies for their social media management and digital PRs. We do not only fictionalize their digital strategy management; we also establish communication from online to offline and the other way round. Our specific job, the strategy of our business is its management and creating projects afterwards. For instance, it is not our job to design the logo of a brand, but it is our job to construct the digitally correct publication of a new product. Currently, we have a 3-leg corporate structure; Mezo Digital, Mezo Akademi and Mezo Tekno.

Will you please let us know more about Mezo Akademi  and Mezo Tekno?

 Mezo Akademi came next; we had to, so to speak. Wherever we went, we could not fully make ourselves clear about what actually ‘digital’ meant. We established Mezo Akademi in order to explain better what it was and had to be to the brands. We raise the level and standards of companies with the trainings we provide on digital marketing, social media,  media planning & purchasing. We support brands by training them with our strategic and creative approach in line with their needs. At the same time, we help brands for their accurate digital positioning.

 At Mezo Digital do we offer a wide range of creative and strategic services. Whether it’s web design, digital planning or social media, we help brands find their true strategy. We make sure companies reach their brand’s goal at all costs, thanks to high quality and service. By utilizing right channels and platforms effectively, we help brands correspond to their target groups.

The only thing that has not been resolved at digital business yet is the communication of emotions. The more you clearly transfer emotion, the more success it brings. In other words, success you have relies on your efficiency in arousing feelings. That’s why, we organize trainings, offered by those who are both practically and professionally expert.

Are the trainings all about marketing?

Let me exemplify what we do. We provide cyber security trainings in 2021, which is urgent for the time being. There is also a training module we call ‘social engineering’. This is actually about cybersecurity, but there are levels for everyone to understand. This is an issue that a digital marketer or an ordinary citizen should consider differently. Therefore, we set up trainings more specific. We provided trainings on how brands should act in terms of relevant laws. We do not engage in any irrelevant jobs that we haven’t been professionally expert about, because we built an ecosystem in which we work with experts in Turkey.

What would you like to say about E-Commerce, which is highly popular especially with the pandemic? What conveniences do you offer to brands you work with?

 In terms of e-trade, we enable the companies to make the right move by offering them ready-made packages or newly designed packages specific to their brands. This is a matter of capacity. Some brands have only one product and want to sell it online. Such brands do not need to make large investments for online sales; rather, they can sell their products on their website, with small changes they will make on their site. We can also help such brands to sell their product with a system that we offer. At the same time, we make sure that brands come up with the right strategy in their marketplaces, which of course, are all different strategies.

 Recently, a lot of new technical words have emerged, which are collectively called ‘MES Trade, referring to more or less the same thing. These are the trilogy of mobile commerce, e- trade and social media trade. It means promoting your product globally by using digital assets correctly. To give an example, we used to sell carpets at the grand bazaar to tourists.  At the same time, prominent industrialists were exporting products. How about now! A carpet, no matter where in Turkey, can easily be sold anywhere in the world through MES trade. For this to happen, it is a must to create a system by using digital assets correctly.

What do you think brands that cannot make huge investments should do?

 We advise that such brands be in effective marketplaces. There is a system long established there. They make requests from you about the products you want to sell; otherwise, they do not approve the products. Therefore, when entering such places, brands should ignore having to pay high commissions. Rather, they should take such marketplaces as a stepping stone for their e-trade site. After fulfilling all those requirements and with experience through time, better and more efficient e-trade days will be ahead of them as long as they manage their digital assets effectively.

 What, in particular,  should brands be attentive to while implementing  the effective use of digital assets?

The biggest problem we are facing now is that companies or brands are not positioned correctly. First off, the brand should be defined correctly. If the carpet I produce is silk, or polyester, it must be publicized on my website exactly as it is; because the digital world wants to see both information and entertainment intertwined together. If you show your customers the product in 3D, you will certainly stand out. Therefore, it is highly critical that one’s product and brand be very well introduced.

Another thing is: One should demonstrate that it is a reliable company. Even minute details, such as addresses and phone numbers on website are very important in doing it. There are security certificates given to websites such as SSL. This is very important for a customer who visits one’s site. Besides, offering 3D security is a must. When you provide your customer with double verification, he or she automatically feels that you are seriously making R&D investments. So, why is this critically important for a brand? Because, milliseconds are highly important at digital world. People make decisions in an average of 50 milliseconds time, and that time is really short. For this reason, brands need to demonstrate themselves to customers very effectively on such short notice.

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