Domotex Turkiye will be held in Antalya !

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Domotex Turkey, the biggest meeting point of the carpet and floor coverings industry in Turkiye and the
Middle East, is expected every year with excitement and curiosity. The fair, which makes a significant
contribution to the growth journey of brands with the trade volume it generates, offers new job
opportunities to thousands of domestic and foreign industry professionals. Domotex Turkey, which will be
held at ANFAŞ International Fair and Congress Center between 10-13 July this year, will open a new door for
domestic manufacturers who want to open up to the international market.

Strong brands of the sector are at Domotex Turkey this year, too
Domotex Turkey, which will be held in Antalya this year, will host innovations, as Gaziantep Middle
East Fair Center (OFM) is considered as a logistics base for post-earthquake aid. The fair will also contribute to many sectors such as accommodation, food, tourism and entertainment. The fair will also offer the opportunity to get to know many innovative products such as nano-carpets that contain natural minerals and are self-cleaning with the light of the environment, antibacterial durable floor coverings and laminates, decorative carpets, non-slip carpets
and hand-woven upper segment machine carpets. Participating in the fair, where especially sustainable examples will come to the fore with the impact of the climate crisis, the participants will also inform the visitors about their environmentally friendly activities.

Antalya has many advantages

Domotex Turkey will be held in Antalya ANFAŞ International Fair and Congress Center instead of
Gaziantep this year. Soley Özsoy Bürümcek, Domotex project manager of Hannover Fairs Turkey Fair Organization, said that they decided to continue in Antalya this year because Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center (OFM) is considered as a logistics base for the post-earthquake aids. We were planning to do it. However, Gaziantep OFM continues to be used as a logistics base by AFAD due to the sad earthquake we experienced in February and the events that followed. Therefore, it was not possible for the fair to be held in Gaziantep. However, we believed that this fair should continue due to the intense demands from the sector. Therefore, we decided to hold our fair in Antalya on the same dates. These dates were already determined by the carpet industry.

There are also direct flights to Antalya from different countries. This is an advantage. Again, since this is the
region of hotels, we think that the fact that purchasing officials can come directly to the fair will affect us positively.

Turkiye’s visa convenience is an advantage
The global carpet and floor covering industry is expected to reach a trade volume of 65 billion dollars
in the next 7 years. Talking about this, Bürümcek stated that international purchasing professionals will show great interest in the fair. Adding that it will be easier for visitors to come to Antalya, Bürümcek said: “Domotex Turkey is at the forefront with visa convenience compared to other Domotex fairs. Germany and other Schengen countries have visa slowdown procedures. People from the Middle East and Africa could not come to the fairs abroad this year. We believe that Domotex Turkey will be busy thanks to this. Domotex Türkiye will be the only platform especially for Iran.” While international purchasing professionals are expected to show great interest in the fair, industry
giants are also preparing to take their place in the fair with their innovative designs.


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