Plato’s new export target is 70%

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Plato Halı, which has made major investments in recent years, will increase its export rate to 70% by the end of 2024.

Founded in Gaziantep in 2014, Plato Halı has accelerated its operations both in the domestic market and abroad. While the interest in digital and non-slip carpets continues to increase day by day, the brand in this sector with more than 50 years of experience has expanded its targets in its 10th year. Company partner İbrahim Oduncuoğlu said that the demand for these products has increased with the rapid change in tastes and preferences and the acceleration of E-Commerce, and announced that they will grow both in exports and in the domestic market in the coming period with their new collections.

Plato enters the new year with Soft, Vitrin and Oppo collection

Providing information about their new collections, Oduncuoğlu said: “We are making an ambitious entrance to 2024 with our new collections. Soft, Vitrin and Oppo qualities will make a name for themselves in the domestic and foreign markets. There is already high interest in these products for which we have completed R&D studies. In addition to the dealers we continue to work with in the domestic market, we continue to be effective abroad. We will continue to produce new products with an innovative production approach.

The target is 70% export!

Company partner İbrahim Oduncuoğlu, who said that they currently export 40% of the production, explained their export targets as follows: “Thanks to the investment we made in the past years, we are currently exporting 40% of our production. Our goal is to increase this figure to 70% by the end of 2024. Our name will be known in exports, especially with our Oppo collection. We aim to add a different perspective to carpets with these brands and models. “We will further increase our export efficiency in the UK and other European countries, especially in addition to the American market we have just entered.”

Oduncuoğlu said that their understanding of work discipline and quality is always at the highest level and concluded his words as follows: “As per our vision we as Plato Halı, are in the position of airm that always sets new goals for itself and progresses in line with these goals. As always, we work without compromising our quality and corporate identity. The goals we set made us both ambitious and excited. Thus, we know that we need to go one step further every day and act in sync with the developing and changing world.”

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