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parmakMustafa Kurtuluş: “The most important thing makes us happy is that we contribute to the national economy by manufacturing and exporting since its inception.”

Tek-Mak is founded specifying machines for home textiles, carpets, garments and underwear sectors in Istanbul in 1985. Taking all the shares of the company in 2006, Yakup Korkmaz and Mustafa Kurtulus, who had 20 % of the company in 1994, provided activities of the company to continue in the sector. Declaring that they supply spare parts of some brands as well as they make service of the imported machinery, Yakup Korkmaz and Mustafa Kurtulus shared us their product group and their targets for the future.
Could you inform us about the history of Tek-Mak?
Being founded by Cihat Kurtulus in 1985, our company continues its operations such as manufacture, import, export, domestic and trade activities in Unkapani, Istanbul since its inception. In addition, serving repair, maintenance and repair services for its customers, the company continues its operations. The most important thing that makes us happy is that we contribute to the country’s economy by doing manufacturing and export. Manufacturing edge of shoes sewing machine between 1986 and 1992 years, our company marketed the industry giants such as Sumerbank, Mekap and Yesil Kundura. Besides, as mentioned earlier, exporting to countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Netherlands, Tek-Mak contributed to the country’s economy. During this time, our firm was distributor of Brother in spare parts, Torington and Akra in sewing machine needle, Zeromax, Racing and Wi. Be. Mac in tow attachment, and Efka in sewing machine engines. Distributing Zbrojovka in circular knitting machines in the fabric industry, the company manufactured fabric for a short time by establishing Akstar firm. In brief, manufacturing notably carpet, runners, mats, rugs, upholstery fabrics, home textiles, wedding, circumcision and evening dresses machine, Tek-Mak continues its activities by providing spare parts.

Which products do you serve for the industry?

As we mentioned above, we serve industries as following. Offering Belgian Origin N.V. A. De Koninck S.A.’s Titan brand machine, which is manufacturing carpets, mats, rugs, blankets and prayer rugs, we manufacture finishing machines. We produce Belgium Origin festoons, embroidery, rib, Cord, embroidery, openwork and antique sewing machines for home textiles, wedding dresses, circumcision, traditional and evening clothing sector. We offer Netherlands Origin zigzag sewing machines for lingerie sector. Marketing all these machines, we import them as a representative in Turkey. Starting to serve for the industry with Titan brand, being dealer in Turkey, we added Damokuco and Muyak machines, which gained customer satisfaction, to our product range on-demand. Currently, Pegasus and Turkish Airlines use Titan brand machine we represent in Turkey. Also large carpet manufacturers such as Atlas, Atlantik, Bahariye, Birko Koyunlu, Confetti, Dinarsu, Gümüşsuyu, Mekik, Merinos, Saray, Samur and Sofiteks utilize our machines.Taiwanese origin machine have a significant share in the market after Titan in the industry. The machines we import are superior compared to Chinese and domestic machines and also their prices are very attractive according to their quality. In general, carpet manufacturers, dealers, carpet and rug dealers and carpet cleaner use these machines and many manufacturers use these machines due to reasons mentioned above. There is a misconception about importers so that they not only import machines but also spare parts for machines. This is not right. We offer all spare parts of the machines from the smallest to largest one. We also provide two years repair and maintenance guarantee for all our machines.

What about your export?

Of course, we do not market our machines domestically. We exports our machines to Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Algeria , Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Pakistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Armenia, Adjara, lush Chistak, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, South Africa and Brazil 70 % of direct and 30% through brokerage firms. We are proud to work with large companies in foreign countries as well as big companies in our country. For example, we work Al-Sorai, Tatra Rugs, Riyadh Velvet, Zargar companies from Saudi Arabia, Tapidor and Tapis from Algeria, and Ahrarli-Mega Carpets from Dubai. Increasing the number of countries and customers, marketing our products all over the world, we aim to provide foreign exchange to our country.
What kind of products are in your product range? What about your latest products?
We offer all the colors and tones in a carpet. Typically 20-25 color sees more demand. We sell the highest quality yarns with a competitive price. We also provide our customers, who buy machine from us, materials such as yarn, needles, oil, and cutting blades used in carpet, blade tips, cutting engines, mini air compressors. Offering a variety of products such as carpet stretching for bricklayers, paste irons, carpet tractors – sweepers, opp bindings, interlining-cloth bindings, bias apparatus and connector kits, , we provide all needs of our customer to supply from one point.
What are your goals for the last period?
Applying the latest developments for conveyor systems used in production, overlock, fringe lines, longitudinal and transverse cutting system, pasting and packaging lines in carpet factories, with a competitive price, we have a project to offer conveyor systems such as Tange and Hansaeme. For this, we will visit domestic and overseas fairs such as Domotex, Heimtextil and ITMA and contact our customers. At the same time, we aim to reach more new customer every year.

Finally, what would you say?

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