Traveling to the Bahamas with Yıldız Entegre

Traveling to the Bahamas with Yıldız Entegre

Inspired by the locations such as Panama, Marbella and the Bahamas, TerraClick, one of the most-favoured laminate flooring brands in Turkey, adds exclusive ambiance to the living spaces with its collection of new colors.

Offering quality flooring to the market, affordable to all the budgets, TerraClick augments its products and color diversity. Standing out among the most-favoured flooring brands in Turkey, TerraClick offers the market a new product with 8mm thickness and 5 different colors that will transform the living spaces  into a much better place to live. Inspired by the locations such as Panama, Marbella, Lisbon and the Bahamas, new color range will be used on TerraClick’s most-favoured products. New products, launched to meet the budget needs of any end-user, will prove to be among the most-preferred products with their solid structure at homes of those who consider renovation. Yıldız Entegre, all by itself, stands behind it as a reliable company.

Long-lasting use

Underlying the fact that laminate flooring is unstainable, easy-to-clean and resistant to scratch, Ercan Şahin, Marketing and Corporate Comunications Manager at Yıldız Entegre also said that new products would provide the end-users with great advantages such as long-lasting use and affordable price range, adding that new colors launched by TerraClick, one of the customers’ favorite flooring brand in Turkey were designed to add a decorative look to the interiors as well as transform our homes and offices into much warmer and intimate living spaces. He also said that another outstanding charactarestics of TerraClick  flooring, other than color diversity,  was resiliency and long life span.

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