Villa Carpet will produce its own yarn

Villa Carpet will produce its own yarn

Villa Carpet, operating in Gaziantep, the heart of sector for years, continues its activity in new production plants in 5. OIS. The brand, exporting the polyester carpets, it produced, is making exporting mainly to England, Russia, Germany and USA.

Villa Carpet General Manager Halaf Culha, giving information about the firm, said that they increased the production capacity with the expert teams. Culha continued as: “In 1986 our brand, began its production activities with one carpet weaving look as a family company, bade production for domestic market till 1995. After 1996, Villa Carpet began to produce for export, gained a big acceleration to be among the huge world brands in 2020s.

Culha, mentioned their investment they will do in the new year, said “Our brand, growing day to day, will begin to produce its own yarn in 2021 and plan to increase its production speed a few times. In today’s carpet sector, Villa Carpet is proud of being among the world export companies, is producing home textile and yarn in the integrated plants, having all hardware of the modern technology”.

5 continents, 50 countries 5 million square meters…

Culha, said they are among the first 100 big industrial companies according to the export data of Gaziantep, said “We are exporting average 5 million square meters to 50 countries in 5 continents yearly. We are the first firm which is organized in domestic and foreign markets, serving to all kinds of income groups with wide customer base, following the technologic developments of its sector. Villa Carpet is having an international quality standards and image in the useful social organization activities, and is on the way of being a world brand which is contributing to the country economy.

Culha, giving information about pandemic process, ended his speech as “The production was almost stopped at the beginning of this process namely between 3rd and 6th months in Turkey as well as in the world. But with the normalization process in the 2nd term, there have been increases in the production and especially export.”

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