We want to make Lanorra a brand known to the whole world

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Lanorra is a brand recently founded by the couple Cristian and Zeynep in Istanbul. The brand, which makes post carpets from natural calfskin and fur products, also produces various decoration products and carpets. Cristian Ruiz and Zeynep Enöz, from whom we listened to the short story of the brand, announced that they want to make the brand known in the world in the coming period.

Could you please give us information about Lanorra? 

Lanorra Leather was founded in Istanbul in 2020 by Cristian Ruiz and Zeynep Enöz. We produce home decoration products and carpets using natural calfskin and natural fur. We personally select the best products from the best quality tanneries of Latin America and bring them to the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets. All hide and fur products, which we prepare with great care in our production line, adorn the homes of our customers with their unique design and quality workmanship.

What are the features of your product? 

We aim to appeal to different tastes by constantly adding new products to our collection. In our main palette, there are products that we have designed entirely from genuine leather and fur, such as leather and fur carpets, throw pillows, runners, butterfly chairs, poufs.

What kind of market is Turkey for hides and leather carpets? 

Turkey is a great marketplace for our products. Turkish people have traditionally already mastered the use of post. Unfamiliar customers get used to the comfort and convenience of natural hide very quickly when they use it for the first time. It also acts as a bridge in our sales to Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkan countries.

Can you mention about your export markets? 

The main countries we export to are Russia, Albania, Lebanon, Iraq and Canada. We want to increase this number in the coming period and export to different regions and countries. We do regional studies related to this, and we aim to expand our export market by participating in fairs.

It has been a short time since we were founded. But we are very happy that Lanorra is the known face of the industry. The fact that we have a young and dynamic team affects this very much. We are excited and our goal is to see Lanorra in a place known to the whole world in the coming years.


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